Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Howdy, folks!!  Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween and wish that I could wear a costume to work. I guess I'll go as a nurse/runner!!  :-)

Just a little Halloween FYI for you: a bag of candy is about 5000 calories and the average adult consumes about 2000 calories. Make good choices today!!

I know I will be!!

I'm running 4 miles with Pathways after work and after that, I'll do Insanity Cardio Recovery. I'm so happy to be doing Insanity again!!  I'm smiling because I LOVE IT!!

Have a safe and fantastic Thursday!!


  1. I just wish I didn't love candy so much!! Gah! happy Halloween to you too!

    1. Me too!! My undoing was the chocolate cake that one of my marketers brought me!! It was FABULOUS!!