Thursday, October 17, 2013

3 Things Thursday

Good morning folks!! 

Happy Thursday!

Sorry I've been AWOL the past couple of days. I've just been super busy and have had some technical issues with my computer :-(  After spending about 2 hours on the phone with tech support, it turned out to been something very simple, I had to change some setting in my ISP control panel and BAM! I was back in business. It was very frustrating though as I'm not a very technical person.

Anyway, I digress.....

3 quick things just to keep y'all updated with how exciting my week has been:

1: I ran with Pathways Monday and Wednesday evenings. Both run were cool and damp too. Monday night, the group was smaller and everyone stayed close together.  Last night, was a good run too. We finished right before it started to rain. I was happy about that because I was SO cold!!  It was about 55 degrees when we started with a brisk north breeze. I had on capri's and a shirt with arm sleeves. I really wished that I had gloves and ear warmers too!  That probably would have been excessive. :-) I know the 20 degrees warmer rule, but I just could not warm up.

2: Last week, I was pretty lazy and didn't cross train as much as I should have. I only did my Betty Rocker workout 2 times. I've been feeling rather sluggish and would easily give in to the negativity but I know that I can't. So, last night after the run, I got back at it. This is week 3 of the Rocktober challenge. It builds on week 1 & 2. I did a little "hybrid" of all three weeks. I did 3 full sets but the first set was the week 1 workout, then week 2, followed by week 3 and then did an ab series. I felt great afterward. I must definitely get back on the bus!! I just found out that there is a half marathon about an hour away from where we're visiting. I'm very tempted to run it!! :-D

3: Tonight after work, hubs and I will load up and head north. We're going to travel to Iowa to visit his oldest son, daughter in law, and grandbabies. This is the Iowa trip that we postponed from the summer when I was having dental issues. My diet has been really crappy the past 2 days and I know that it's probably going to suffer more on this little trip. Therefore, I will start the Betty Rocker Fuel system (basically clean eating plan) next Monday after our trip. I decided yesterday that because summer is 9 months away and a new person is born every 9 months, that it is time for this old girl to be "reborn" and FINALLY get it in gear/shape!!!

Just FYI, I'll be blogging from the road tomorrow, so it will probably be short and sweet. :-)

Have a fabulous day!!  Keep on keepin' on!

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