Monday, October 21, 2013

Busy, busy busy....

Good morning folks!!

Quick recap of the weekend:

We went to Iowa to visit my stepson, his wife and our grandbabies. We arrived Friday afternoon. The kids were on a school field trip, so the grown-ups went to lunch. Then the boys went to the John Deere hay equipment plant and I went shopping. I got some major deals at Kohls!  The kiddos were home when I got back from shopping. We had a nice dinner and played with the kiddos until they wore us out
Saturday morning, hubs and I woke up early to go for a little run. I got in 6 miles; hubs did 4.5. It was a cold, but beautiful morning.  

We discovered that Ottumwa has a very nice trail system. It was fun to run in a different area!
After our run, we met the rest of the family for the kiddos sporting events. Parker is playing flag football and Kennedy plays soccer.
Later that night, the grown-ups went out to dinner and shenanigans.
It was a fun night/trip!  The ride home yesterday wasn't much fun however. We were stuck on the highway in standstill traffic several times which made our trip about 2 hours longer than usual....UGH!!
This is going to be a super busy week!!
It's race week!!  This Saturday is the Tulsa Run 15k, the race that my Pathways group has been training for. I know that they are ready and will rock that race! We only have 2 more runs left. I won't be running with them tonight though, because I'm volunteering at a free medical clinic.
I tried to be diligent about my food and workouts while I was in Iowa but the scale tells the true story! I did my Betty Rocker workouts and got in the 6 mile run. Diet was my downfall as usual. I did ok until we had queso and chips and spent 8 hours in the car yesterday!
Today, hubs and I start the Body Fuel clean eating system. Well actually, I'm going shopping after the clinic tonight and will prep meals later tonight. Technically tomorrow will be the first official day of clean eating for us.
Ok , that's all I've got for now. Until next time......take care and be awesome!!

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  1. My son is doing flag football too and I am loving watching him play. So fun to see his confidence in his abilities grow. Bummer your drive home got extended two hours, ugh!

    Race week! Exciting, I miss races, so much fun!