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Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Recap, part 1

This is going to be such a lengthy post that I've decided it would be best to do it in 2 parts. And I'm linking up with Zaneta @ Runner's Luck for her race recap roundup. Check it out!

Race Recap Roundup on Runners Luck

Sunday, my husband and I participated in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon for the first time.
 The marathon was started in 2000 in support of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building. Personally, I will never forget where I was and what I was doing on that horrible day. 168 lives were lost that morning and many more were changed forever. The race is known as the "run to remember"

For the past 3 years, I've watched the race on television and thought that I might like to participate in it someday. But on the other hand, the weather in Oklahoma can be so unpredictable this time of year, that I've been reluctant to sign up for it. 2 years ago, they had thunderstorms, sleet, freezing rain, and hail all morning so I've chosen to watch it from the comfort of my warm, dry living room while I was drinking coffee and feeling envious of those who were running.

I wasn't planning to run it this year either. Then Boston happened and I knew that I must run this race. I was planning to sign my husband and I up for the half when I was contacted my some friends who needed a couple more runners for their relay team. We gladly said yes. We came up with the team name of Sole Sistas and a Bro RfB (run for Boston) and registered for the race. I was the team captain and was a little nervous about the coordination of everything.

Saturday, we went to OKC to the expo and it just so happened that we all arrived at almost the same time. We were able to pick up our packet and shirts and disburse them to all team members without any hassle. We then went and checked into our hotel and then set out in search of our pre-race meal. We chose a steak restaurant where we could get a grilled chicken breat with baked potato and green beans. Then we went back to our room to prepare our flat runners and try to get a good nights sleep.

We were in bed early but for some reason, I couldn't sleep well. The alarm went off at 3:45 and we were up, getting ready. The hotel graciously put out breakfast early for the runners which was very helpful. We were also fortunate that there was a shuttle to the starting area from our hotel. We arrived in downtown OKC around 5:15-5:20 and set out in search of bag check. After we checked our bags, we headed back to the start area. We caught part of the service being held at the survivor tree and got in on the Half Fanatics/Marathon Maniacs photo near the Reflecting Pool/168 chairs area. This was the first time that I had ever been to the Memorial and I was overcome with emotion upon seeing it.

I was running the 3rd leg and hubs was running the 5th/final leg, so we weren't lining up in the starting corral with our friends, which seemed odd. Instead we secured a spot near the start to watch our friends take off. They blew the horn at 6:30 sharp and we watch a steady stream of runners cross the mat for almost 20 minutes. After the crowd thinned out, we headed to the relay shuttle buses. I was concerned that my husband, who isn't that familiar with OKC wouldn't be able to find his relay exchange dropoff but the race directors took any and all confusion out of that. They had separate buses for each exchange that went only to that area to drop off fresh runners and pick up finishers of the previous leg. That worked out very well for the most part.

I got to my exchange about an hour before I would start running. I ate my breakfast, chatted with other bystanders and warmed up. I was tracking my team and getting text message updates as to their progress. Shortly after 8:30, I saw my friend Melissa making her way to me. She was walking and that's all she was allowed to do, as she is still recovering from a slow healing stress fracture. I met her at the exchange, grabbed the chip and took off. I knew I headed out too fast, but I really didn't care. I had 7.5 miles and was determined to do the very best that I could. I did my first mile at about 10 minutes. I knew I needed to slow down a little bit and I struggled to back off my pace, but I just couldn't. I was being propelled by adrenaline, the excitement of the crowds and sheer determination.

I chose the middle leg as it ran through the neighborhood that my aunts live in and that I spent a lot of time in as a child. It was certainly a blast from the past for me. About halfway through my leg, I started talking with a lady who I had been volleying with. She was running 2 mins and walking 45 seconds. Initially, I continued to run through her walk breaks and she would catch up to me on her run, but I was feeling tired. So, we chatted and paced each other through those 3-4 miles. I really don't think I would have made it without her!!

I made it to my relay exchange in 1:18 minutes!! That is record time for me!!  My average pace was 10:28/mile which is a full minute faster than my usual race pace. I grabbed some food and headed to the shuttle bus, where my coach/friend Regina was waiting for me. We made it back downtown to the finish area, I retrieved my bag from gear check and got some more food, including a Carl's Jr cheeseburger! I didn't think I would want the cheeseburger but I'm telling you, at that point, it was the most delicious, scrumptious thing I have ever eaten! And I ate it like it was the first and last thing that I had ever eaten!

Regina waited in the reunion area for Monica, our 4th leg runner, who was finished with her 3.1 and on the shuttle bus back to us. I made my way back to the bleachers to wait for my husband. The rules stated that we could run in together as a team. When I saw him coming down the home stretch, I had 3 big guys lift me over the fence and ran it in with him. I was awesome getting to finish that with my husband. Our collective team time was 5:03! We got all the medals for our team. I was super excited to get to see one of my all time heros, Barry Switzer, former coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, handing out medals. He gave me a big hug which made me happy, happy, happy!

We met up with Regina and Monica. Melissa had to head back to Tulsa already. We chatted for a bit and took some photos. They left to go back to Tulsa. We headed to the shuttle stop to go back to our hotel. In order to get to the shuttles, we had to walk through the Memorial and that's where we'll pick up part 2..........

Monday, April 29, 2013


Good morning folks!!  Happy Monday!!

I'll have a race recap of the OKC Memorial Marathon up soon after I finish processing all my thoughts and emotions of the weekend. And after I decided which photos to innundate you with :-)

Until then, make it a great day!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

What I've learned from running

Good morning dear readers! TGIF Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Its a busy weekend for us here in Oklahoma. The OKC Memorial Marathon is Sunday. Hubs and I got on a relay team so we'll be participating in that and I have to admit that I'm getting pretty excited about it!

I was going to do a phone dump Friday post today but some how managed to erase most of the photos on my phone's SD card. I guess they are gone for good :-(

I was going to save this post for another time, but after a conversation with a friend at work yesterday, I think I'll go ahead and post it today. Hope you enjoy reading! And have a fabulous Friday!

Somewhere along the road of life, I apparently failed one of Erickson's psychological tasks because I didn't develop a self esteem or confidence when I should have.

I was never a popular girl with many friends when I was growing up. I was often picked on and made fun of. Sadly, I let those experiences define me. Consequently, I made poor choices and wasn't a very good/happy person.

My parents are good people. They wanted my siblings and I to be successful, they just never really encouraged us to pursue hopes and dreams. My dad worked all the time and my mother was busy raising us kids and running the household. We participated in extracurricular activities but we were satisfied with the status quo.

I never really found that "thing" that made me who I am. I was a nurse, a wife and a mother but I was struggling to find my passion.

I tried several hobbies such as gardening and crafts. I would eventually get bored and move on to the next thing. My work life was much the same. I job hopped looking for the perfect job to give me that sense of self and satisfaction.

It wasn't until 2 years ago that I took up running and that is when something phenomenal happened to me.

After I ran my first race, I felt such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I was proud of myself for starting that race and finishing it!  I was still not confident though. I still had doubts about my abilities. But the more I ran, the more confident I became. It was the most amazing feeling!!

Through running, I have developed a sense of self. I am proud of who I am and I am confident!
I've learned that although life is hard, I am strong, that I can do anything and that I can overcome anything with persistence and determination. I learned that happiness doesn't come from external sources, people or events, but that it comes from within. If I'm happy with myself, then I project that to others. I have become more centered and positive. I feel like I have a balance in my life that I've never had before. I have found my passion and have become a better person. I can honestly say that running has defined me.

I am a runner.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Good morning folks!  Happy Friday-eve!

I just have time for a quickie this morning, so I want to share 3 thoughts with you this moring:

1. Don't be afraid to go for what you want and don't be afraid to ask. If you don't ask, the answer is always going to be no.

2. Always keep moving forward. Even if you're on the right track, you will get run over if you're just sitting still.

3. Never, EVER give up!!  Any progress, no matter how small, is still progress.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Good morning folks! Happy Wednesday!! 

I love Wednesdays because it means that we are halfway through the work week. And we all know that I'm just working for the weekends!

One of my goals for 2013 was to incorporate more cross training to increase my core strength, endurance and stamina with the hope of improving my performance and decreasing the risk of injury. I've got probably 2 dozen workout dvds, so initially my plan was to do one of those on the nights that I'm not running. The thing about working out alone at home is that it doesn't really challenge me, so I'm not as consistent about it as I should be. I've also considered Body Pump and buying the Insanity workout program. One of the physicians that I work with recently completed Insanity and swears by it, so I'm still thinking about it. Recently, Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa initiated Urban Fit, a boot camp style class designed to increase core strength. Because I do much better in a group setting than alone, I signed up for it for 6 weeks. I like it very much because they vary the workouts so that it doesn't get redundant.

Last night, I just wasn't feeling it though. I had a little bit of a sore throat and the weather was dreary, cold and drizzly. I just felt like coming home and curling up in my pj's with a bowl of potato soup. So, I skipped Urban Fit. I did get in a workout though before I got in my pj's. I tried the new Jillian Michaels Hard Body dvd. I have to say that this is my new favorite JM dvd. I found it to be challenging (hint: weighted burpees) and felt like I had gotten a good workout afterward. Hopefully I will be able to consistently incorporate it into my current fitness regimen.

Here's what I'm planning for my workout schedule for the next 6-8 weeks:

Monday: Pathways PW3 run
Tuesday: Urban Fit
Wednesday: Pathways PW3 run
Thursday: Urban Fit
Friday: REST
Saturday: Pathways PW3 run
Sunday: JM Hard Body

Do you do any cross training?

What is your favorite workout?

What does your workout schedule look like?

Do you prefer to workout with a group or alone??

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Are Unstoppable Run for Boston

Last night after work, I went to Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa for a group run, just like I do every other Monday.  But this one was different. This was the "We Are Unstoppable" run for Boston. They sold shirts, both tech and cotton t-shirts for $25 each with 100% of the proceeds going to the One Fund Boston organization. When I got there at 5pm, the line for shirts started at the back door and wound all the way through the store to the front door. It was obvious that I was not going to be able to get a shirt. The community response was overwhelming, raising over $9700!

I ran with the 12:00 mile group as this was a recovery run for me. Kay led the group and we ended up running closer to an 11:30-11:40. There was a 2 mile loop and an additional 3 mile loop for those who wanted to go farther. I did the 2 mile loop with the group and then an additional 1.5 It was a good run!

This is the group from the downtown Blue Dome store. From what I've seen and heard, the crowd at the Kingspointe location was equally as large.

Again, this makes me proud to be a runner and to be part of the Tulsa running community and Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Camp Barnabas Race/Weekend Recap

Good morning all!

"I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose." ~~
David Livingstone

Friday evening, we made it to our hotel just a little after 6pm, too late to pick up our race packets. We got checked in quickly and painlessly. I had found a Groupon for a good price at the Greenstay in Springfield and it happened to be close to the start of the race. The manager on duty told us that breakfast didn't start until 6:30 but she offered to pack us "Breakfast To Go" bags with fruit, cereal bars, muffins and bottled water. The room was clean and comfortable! I would certainly stay here again or recommend it to anyone needing a place to stay. She also gave us directions to the race starting area and the business district for dinner.

We set out in search of the race starting area, parking, etc. We found the Mercy hospital parking lot without any problems but didn't see anything that remotely looked as if they were setting up for a race. At this point, I was a bit dubious. We grabbed some dinner then headed back to the room to get our flat runners ready.

Race morning, we woke up early and got our race gear on. It was chilly, in the 40's. We went down to the front desk to collect our breakfast bags and the desk clerk gave us trash bags to use as jackets. We arrived at the hospital and found the starting line without any issues. Packet pickup was easy. The lines for the portalets was short. We sat in the car to stay warm and eat our breakfast until about 7:45. We got in the corral and waited patiently with the other runners for the race to start.

This was a small, inaugural event so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was hyped as "The World's Largest Pary Marathon". The course was described as "certified flat" and "relatively flat" but this is Missouri, in the middle of the Ozark Mountains......yeah right! The proceeds of race go to benefit Camp Barnarbas, a camp for chronicall ill and special needs children. So, it really wasn't about my preformance or time. It was for fun, for a good cause and to prove to myself that I could do it. It was certainly not my first half marathon, but it was my first post-injury, which really zapped my confidence.

So, the gun went off and we started running. Initially, my goal was to treat this as another training run, slow and steady, in preparation for the OKC Memorial Marathon relay. We ran the first mile sub 11, way too fast for a training run, OOPS! I was feeling good at that point but couldn't maintain that pace for 12 more miles, so we tried to slow down but I was really having trouble controlling my pace. I was feeling good and wanted to RUN!

At mile 3ish, I started inching past my husband ever so gradually until I finally ended up leaving him. I put in both earbuds and just ran. I kept glancing at my watch and kept thinking SLOW DOWN but I was feeling good. We were winding through the scenic neighborhoods of Springfield and all was going well at this point. At mile 6ish, we started zig-zagging through the neighborhoods, I started feeling hot and tired, the scenery was getting a little redundant and the next water stop seemed like an eternity away. At one point, I caught a glimpse of my husband across the park from me. He was about a half mile behind me. I felt much better after we got out of the neighborhoods and were running around the park.

I was tired and had used up most of my gas. I ran when I could and walked when I had to. I was still making good time though. We made our way down the streets to the Missouri State campus. I knew we were getting closer to the finish. I kept glancing at my watch and was pleased with my time. I was just hoping the wheels wouldn't come off the bus at this point. There was a slight incline right before we crossed St. Louis street and after that it was downhill to the finish! I finished at 2:28, 1 minute faster than my Route 66 half marathon in November. And I felt GREAT!! There was no pain!!

I collected my medal, some water and a banana and went to wait for my husband. I met him at St Louis street and ran him in. He had been slowed down by a potty stop on the course. Afterward, we grabbed some food at the post race party and hung out at the park for a while. We stretched and recovered. The race organizers had shuttle service back to the hospital for us when we were ready to go.

All in all, this was a very good race! he packet pickup was smooth and painless. The line at the portalet was short. The course was surprisingly flat! The elevation gain was 222ft and the loss was 229ft. The course was also, for the most part, very scenic. There were volunteers with signs at every corner directing us and cheering for us. The post race party was FABULOUS! The food was abundant. They had fruit, yogurt, bagels, peanut butter, cereal bars, hot dogs, chips, water, sports drink, pop and Coldstone Creamery ice cream. There were activities for the kids such as a bounce house and face painting. The park was beautiful and spacious. Most importantly, there was a sense of celebration at this finish line! I felt accomplished and very safe. It was a very good day!

If the race orgainizers could improve anything, it would be more frequent water stops/course support in the mile 8-9 ish area. They also gave out Gu at mile 12.5 I would recommend that they do that like at mile 5. But otherwise this was a very good event!! I would recommend it and would run it again!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Random rambles and pre-race jitters

Good morning all!!  TGIF

What a bizarre week this has been. From the Boston Marathon bombing to the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion. Locally, we've have multiple earthquakes and tornadoes. Personally, it has been a crazy, busy week too.

As saddened as I was by the events I watched unfold on Monday, I've also had my faith in the human spirit renewed yet again. I've witnessed so many acts of kindness that it makes me incredibly proud and humbled to call myself a runner.

I'm racing this weekend and super duper excited about it!! I'm running the Camp Barnabas Half Marathon in Springfield, Missouri. It's known as the world's largest party marathon. I've got my playlist perfected. I'm hoping it will be the motivation that I need. I'll be wearing my blue and yellow half fanatics tech shirt in honor of Boston. I'll be running in memory of the Boston victims.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm more than a little nervous because it is my first race since my injury. But, I will do my best to trust my training and I know that the race day atmosphere will prevail and that I will get out there and do my very best. It will be fun no matter what happens! 

I'm working a half day today, then we've got about a 3-4 hour drive to Springfield. I hope that we make it in time to pick our packets up tonight. Good luck if you're running or racing this weekend!

Well, I've gotta go get some more Nuun, as I woke up with a charley horse in my leg during the night and I've gotta start carb loading--my favorite thing about race week, by the way!! 

Have yourselves a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Finish the Sentence Link Up

Good morning y'all!  It's Friday-eve!!

I don't know about you, but I'm glad that we've almost made it through another week!! 

Due to some wild weather in our area last night, I didn't get to write the blog post I was planning on. Then I remembered the "Finish The Sentence" link up with Jake and Holly! Thanks for saving me this morning you guys!!  If you've never checked these guys out, you should. They are great!!


Now, on to the sentences:

1. I laughed so hard I cried recently when we took the Heartland Flyer train from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth with 16 of our running buddies. These are some of the funniest people I know and there was never a dull moment on this trip!

2. My high school is in Perry, Oklahoma. We were the Perry Maroons. (what the hell is a maroon?) We pretty much have dominated the sport of wrestling since I can't even remember when! And our biggest rival about 40 miles down the road was the Blackwell Maroons. But, Perry Maroons are the only Maroons!!

3. It really pisses me off that I have to park in the parking garage at my work. It is covered parking and I really never have to walk outside in the elements, but it really is terribly inconvenient. Lately, security has been policing the parking lots and enforcing this ridiculous rule. I'll go along with it, for now but I will bitch about it multiple times daily, because somehow, that makes it all better!

4. In ten years I will probably still be chasing my dream of running 50 half marathons, 1 in every state. I really want to do this before I turn 50, but I think that might be too hard on my old body. So, we"ll see.....

5. If I could erase one thing I really can't think of anything that I would erase except maybe these dark circles under my eyes and the crows feet around them.

6. In 1999 I was 32 years old, married to my ex-husband, working in my hometown ER and my son was 10 years old. It was really an uneventful year except for the May 3 tornado that destroyed many homes in Oklahoma City and Moore, completely destroyed a small town to the south of us and clipped the east/south edge of my town.

7. Honestly, I am scared ot the dark and things that go bump in the dark!!  I'm afraid to go outside when its dark because I'm afraid of what might be lurking out there! Living in the country, we have all kinds of wild critters and I wouldn't want to encounter a coyote or sasquatch or anything like that!

8. To me, Sushi is just gross! I don't like seafood at all so I can't even bring myself to try it.

9. Someone really needs to invent a flying car so I could blog, read all my blogs and still make it to work on time.

10. The first time I drank alcohol I don't really remember the exact first time, but there was this one time when I thought it would be cool to drink a whole bottle of Crown Royal, straight, in 1 setting. Then I sat on the tailgate of my friend's truck puking and crying all night! Can you say "hot mess"?

11. The one question I would ask God is why are people always hurting each other??

12. Lindsay Lohan should have had her ass busted more as a child!

Y'all have a fantastic Thursday!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Psychological Effects of A Running Injury

 I have read that 82% of all runners get injured. None of us ever think that it will happen to us. This is my take on what happens when it does. ** Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on running injuries, I just know how my recent injury affected me. I want to share that experience with you.

Last fall, I was finally starting to feel confident about my running. I was racing hard and pushing myself to run faster. I ran a half in mid October without major issues. 2 weeks later, I ran the Tulsa Run 15K. It was cold that morning. The course was flat for the most part with a long hill at the finish. For some reason, I have more trouble with flat courses than I do with hilly ones. I ran out fast, way too fast. By the halfway turn around I was hurting but I kept going. At mile 6, I saw a friend who was watching the race. I asked her for advil, she didn't have any :( I told her I wasn't sure I could finish. But I did. This was probably the beginning of my injury. 3 weeks later, I ran the Route 66. I did the first 2 legs of the marathon relay. I wanted to get to the relay exchange at a decent time and I was feeling good that morning, so again, I pushed myself. I had blisters on both feet but I got there at 1:50 which was amazing for me! I went on to finish the last 2.5 miles of the half marathon after I handed off the chip. I got a PR of 2:29 that day despite the blisters. I was still feeling good after the race and stayed to watch my relay team and friends finish. By mid afternoon, my IT band was tight; it was painful to walk but I thought I could "shake it off".

I wasn't going to race again for a while, but I was convinced to run a half with my husband and friends 3 weeks later. I wasn't really mentally prepared for that race. At approximately mile 3, I knew it was going to be a rough go. My IT band/knee was hurting so badly. I ran as much as I could and walked when I had to. I ended up walking most of this race from the turn around back to the finish. I thought about crawling......literally! I even thought about stopping and in retrospect, I should have. But I willed myself to finish. I took it easy the rest of the month and thought that rest would take care of it.

Spring half marathon training started in early January. I went out with my group on the first day but couldn't even make it 5 miles! I was angry and discouraged! I continued to nurse the injury for the month of January but it wasn't getting any better and I was beginning to think that I wouldn't run again. I was losing hope. Then, I decided to go see a chiropractor, who specializes in sports medicine and injuries. He treats many runners including several of my friends. He immediately got down to the root of the problem and I quickly saw progress. The most important thing that he did for me was give me hope that I would be running again.

He diagnosed me with a leg length discrepancy and weak glute/hip muscles resulting in medial collapse. He gave me a cork lift for my shoe, did ART (active release technique), dry needling, and kinesio taping. He taught me exercises to strengthen my weak stabilizer muscles and correct my gait/form issues. I also had my gait reanalyzed at Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa and it was determined that I needed a stability shoe. I got a pretty sweet pair of Brooks Ravenna that I affectionately call my "magic shoes" Additionally, I started doing yoga and foam rolling every day, even if I wasn't really hurting. Gradually, the pain began to resolve and I was able to increase my distance.

All this time, I was trapped in the "injury cycle" I would try to run then I would have pain. Eventually, the fear set in. I was afraid to run because I was afraid it would hurt and I would re injure myself. I was becoming depressed and losing confidence FAST! Now, even though I have made some corrections and am able to run longer distances without pain, I'm still a little nervous about my upcoming half. The most I have run up to this point is 10 miles. My coaches think I can do the 13.1 and I know in the back of my mind that I can. I still have a little sniggling of doubt. Hopefully I can get over that before Saturday. I just need to take a little bit of my own medicine and trust my training.

Have you ever had a running injury??

How did it affect you??

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


“It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated.” ~~ Albus Dumbledore

As a former ER nurse and an Oklahoman, I'm no stranger to horrific, events. From automobile accidents to tornadoes to the OKC Murrah Building bombing, I am well versed with tragedy. But for some reason, I am struggling to process the events that transpired at the Boston Marathon yesterday. It was disturbing and surreal to see the still photos. My first thought was "why"? Why in the hell would anyone bomb a marathon, of all things?

I've crossed many finish lines and will cross many more. I've always considered the finish line a place for celebration, never a place of violence and danger. I've waited in the crowd, cheering on runners and waiting for my loved ones and never considered that I could possibly be in harm's way.

My heart is sad for those who were killed or injured. And I'm devastated for the 6000 runners who were still on the course, who never got to cross that finish line. The runners who spent countless hours training, through sweat, aches, pains, all types of weather conditions and busted their butts to qualify for a race that for many of us will only be a dream. Only to be robbed of their dream by such a selfish act.

I felt so many emotions. I was at a loss for words. I felt numb and heartsick at the same time. I stuggled to understand. In an effort to try to process all those emotions, I did the only thing I knew to do.......I ran. I ran 3.3 miles with my friends and husband after work. I ran to clear my mind, for peace and understanding and for those who could not. Today, I'm still struggling to understand.

I will run again--this weekend at the Camp Barnabas Half in Springfield, Missouri, where I will be wearing blue and yellow. And again on April 28, at the OKC Memorial Marathon. I wasn't going to run OKC, but Boston has made me more determined than ever, so I have decided to do it. I went to bed with a heavy heart and woke up with conviction. As runners and humans, we must not let anyone steal our hopes and dreams, because sometimes, that is all we have!

Prayers for all those affected yesterday.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Funday

Happy Monday y'all! It's also Tax Day boo and Boston Marathon Day!

Why is it that the weekends just fly by??

We had a busy but actually quite productive weekend here.
It started with a wet run, which you can read about here. We went to a Tulsa Drillers baseball Saturday night, but I really wasn't into it, so we left early.

Sunday, I got up early and prepped food for the week. Then, we went for a bike ride. Its been a while since we've ridden our bikes. We recently learned about a new trail that we wanted to check out. We weren't exactly how far we were going to ride, we just decided to wing it.

 We started out at the Case Community Center, headed south on the River City Trail. It curves along the Arkanasas River. If there were more water in the river, it would be much more senic, but it was still pretty.

It goes under highway 97 and joins the Katy Trail. We took the Katy trail east for about 7 miles to Newblock Park in West Tulsa. From there, we wound through the back streets of downtown Tulsa back to the Katy Trail and back 8 miles to the community center for a total of 18 miles. It was very windy, with gusts up to 35 mph. All in all, it was a good ride with added resistance from the wind on the way back. I enjoyed it very much and need to find a way to incorporate more cycling into my fitness regimen.

This is race week for me and I am super happy about that!!  We are running the Camp Barnabas Half Marathon in Springfield, Missouri this weekend. The website says that it is a "certified flat course" and that the course is "relatively flat". I know better than to trust these descriptions, especially in Missouri! I'm really looking forward to this race. It will be my first half since December, when I was injured. I haven't figured out my pacing strategy yet. I'm not sure if I will race this or just go slow and enjoy it. I'm a little apprehensive because I don't want to get my IT band reinjured. All I know is I'm going to enjoy it because there were times when I didn't think I would ever run again.

What are your fitness goals for the week??

Do you cycle??

Are your taxes done??  Do you complete them early or wait till the last minute, like me??

Do you know anyone running the Boston Marathon?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Long Slow Saturday And Sunday Meal Planning/Prep

Saturday is my long slow run day. Yesterday was truly a lesson in "control what you can" and perseverance!

Our training group was scheduled for 13 but about half of us were only doing 7. It was pouring down rain when we woke up in the morning. We got ready and headed to Tulsa to meet the group at Fleet Feet Sports, despite the rain. The closer we got to Tulsa, the lighter the rain got. We were hoping that we dodged a bullet. No such luck! So, we put on our rain gear and headed out. It was about 45 degrees and the rain was steady, never really letting up. There is only 1 appropriate word for this run: MISERABLE! I think it was the second crappiest weather condition run I've ever had! I felt fine on this run, no IT band pain or blister problems, even with soaking wet feet. We got lost a couple of times. And the further we went, the more irritable I became. I was soaked, cold and just overall wiped out. The weather conditions made me feel sluggish and made for a very challenging run. It was our last long run with the group before the Camp Barnabas Half Marathon next weekend. I wanted to get 9 or 10 miles, we ended up getting close to 8. Given the weather, I was fine with that.

Afterward, we put on our dry clothes and did our weekly grocery shopping. I love a good bargain and enjoy bargain shopping. Our weekly grocery bill for 2 of us is around $100. This really irritates me as I think it should be less for just 2 of us. In an attempt to whittle it down, I've been trying to price match as much as possible at Walmart. The past couple of weeks, I've just taken a list and I've gotten a few things cheaper. But I still think I can do better. I think next week, I'll take a pocket folder with the local ads, my list from Ziplist and Breaking Walmart, my shopping list and any coupons that I might have. Its actually kinda fun to see how much I can save.

Today, I'm going to meal plan and food prep. Here's what I think the weekly menu will consist of:

Sunday: Turkey sausage, squash and quinoa skillet
Monday: Philly Cheesesteak stuffed peppers, brown rice
Tuesday: Roasted Chicken with red potatoes and green beans
Wednesday: Steak kabobs with brown rice
Thursday: Turkey burgers, baked or roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli or asparagus or salad
Friday: Carb loading for my half marathon

Breakfast for me: Greek yogurt and fruit; for hubs: Eggs and turkey sausage. Lunches for both of us: leftovers. Snacks: dried fruit, nuts, nut butter, fresh fruit, string cheese.

And my fitness goals for the week include:

Sunday: 20 mile bike ride
Monday: 3 mile run at base pace
Tuesday: Urban Fit bootcamp
Wednesday: Jillian Michaels dvd
Thursday: 2.5 mile run at base pace before Urban Fit bootcamp
Friday: REST!!
Saturday: Camp Barnabas Half Marathon, Springfield, Missouri

Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally Friday

Happy Friday y'all!

Is it me or did this week just fly by??  And what a great week it has been.

My nutrition and fitness have been on track. I've had a couple of good runs with good friends this week. And last night, I participated in the inaugural Urban Fit cross training at Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa.
 I just love this company and all that they do to get the community active. They've got multiple successful walking and running training programs, all of which I've participated in at some time. And now, they've tapped into another much needed area by offering fitness workouts. I'm happy about the exciting things they are embarking on!

After the workout, I went next door to the bicycle shop where they were hosting the monthly CMSA (Case Management Society of America) meeting. The topic this month was health and wellness both personally and in the community. It was fitting that I arrived in my workout attire!!  They had some delicious food from Panera and MyFit Foods. And the speaker was one of my absolute, all time favorite speakers, Dr. David Brennan from OU Physicians where he teaches and develops worksite primary care and wellness programs. He also coordinates the Family Medicine Human Performance Lab. He conducts VO2 max testing and gait analysis and coordinates our track workouts. I've had the opportunity to hear him speak on several occasions, including my coaches certification training. And everytime I hear him, I'm captivated. I would love an opportunity to pick his brain as I feel that I could glean so much knowledge from him. The summation of his talk was eat less, move more. This is absolutely essential to to future of health and wellness and is a subject that I am eager to learn more about!

I'm looking forward to a much needed girls night out with a few of my dearest friends after work tonight. Tomorrow morning we've got a 7 mile run with our training group. This will be our last long run before the Camp Barnabas half marathon. I'd really like to do at least 8 miles, so we'll see how it goes in the morning.

Sunday is going to be super busy with meal prepping for next week and we're planning a long bike ride since the weather will be nice. I haven't even planned my menu yet....EEK!

I guess that's my cue to go get busy!!  Have your awesome selves a wonderful weekend!!

Have you had a good week??

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Food is the key

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist (yet).  I am just a girl who lost a lot of weight by making dietary changes.

I learned a lot about food and fueling your body during that experience. Because I believe that we are life long learners, I've continued to read and learn about food and how/what we should eat to be healthy.

I know for me, being prepared is the key. I stay on track with clean, healthy eating if I have plenty of healthy meals and snacks on hand. I almost always take my lunch to work and it is usually over flowing with healthy food. I enjoying meal planning, but I don't do it as regularily as I should. Not only does meal planning help one to stay on track with their diet, it helps to save money at the groucery store by decreasing impulse buying. I have been a member of eMeals for about 6 months now. I love this service!!  It is affordable, Dave Ramsey approved and they have lots of options including: gluten free, low carb, low fat, potion control, clean eating, paleo and the new slow cooker plans. They even have lunch and breakfast plans. You get a weekly menu of 7 meals and a shopping list. Easy peasy!!  I don't always use every meal on my plan but it gives me a good starting point.

I digress, I really wanted to share a couple of things I learned during my sugar detox. They are kinda my pet peeves, so this might sound a little "rant-ish"....you've been warned!!

People: sugar is EVERYWHERE!!  It is in nearly EVERY food that we eat!!  I heard someone say the other that she was not eating sugar as she was pouring ranch dressing on her salad. Guess what the 3rd ingredient in the dressing was.  Yep, it was sugar!!  And another one that absolutely bugs the crap out of me is peanut butter (any nut butter, acutally) We know that nuts are good for us and food companines are taking advantage of that. They are misleading us!!  They label their products as "natural" and we believe that it is good for us. But, then they add extra sugar and oils. So, essentially, if you don't have to stir the oil into your nut butter, it isn't really natural. I use 100% natural peanut butter. I have to stir the oil into it everytime I open a new jar and the only ingredients on the label are: peanuts and salt!!  It might take a little getting used to it and if you like it sweeter, because food companies have conditioned us that way, then add a little bit of honey to it.

Ok, off my soapbox now. And now, to get to to my point, for several years now, I've toyed with the idea of taking nutrition classes and becoming a health and wellness coach. More than 30% of the population is classified as obese. And as a nurse, I see first hand on a daily basis how this affects people. I hear my co workers say that patients don't really know how/what to eat. That's why I think education is so important. Therefore, with nudging from my friends and husband, I've decided to pursue that dream!!  I'm going to become a health and wellness coach!!  I've decided on a program and I'm going to call them to enroll today. I'm so excited!

Ok, now.....go have yourself a great Thursday!!  :-)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Half Marathon Playlist

Happy Tuesday y'all!

How is your week so far?
Yesterday was a typical Monday at work, playing catch up from the weekend. After work, I met some friends for "Monday, Runday, Funday" We got in a good 3.5 miles and had some good photo ops along the way. It was a great way to blow off the steam of the day and get some much needed "girl time"

I successfully stayed away from extra sugar during the day yesterday. But I did break down and eat some corn tortilla chips when I got home from my run. I don't know what it is, but I always crave something salty and crunchy in the evenings.

I'm currently training for the Camp Barnabas Half Marathon in Springfield, Missouri on April 20. I'm feeling pretty good about it at this point. I train in a big group and I'm used to the chatter of the group but in a big race where I don't know anyone, I need something to help keep me on track, therefore I tend to run with music. I usually download premade playlists from Rock My Run but I want to try to make my own this time. Here's what I have so far:

C'mon -- Diplo, Tiesto
Feel This Moment -- Pitbull,Christina
I Cry -- Flo Rida
Good Feeling -- Flo Rida
Sing -- My Chemical Romance
Hall of Fame -- The Script
Stronger -- Kelly Clarkson
Catch My Breath -- Kelly Clarkson
Try -- Pink
Dynamite -- Taio Cruz
Burn For You -- Toby Mac
Remember the Name -- Fort Minor
Jesus Walks -- Kanye
Don't Fail Me Now -- Melaine Amaro
My Songs..... -- Fall Out Boy

I'm not exatly sure how long this is yet. I've haven't really played around with it that much, I'm just trying to think of good, high energy songs right now. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!!  :-)

Have a great day!!

Do you run with music?

What songs are on your workout playlist currently?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Aquarium Run recap and sugar detox wrap-up

Saturday was the Aquarium Run 10k, the goal race for my Pathways group.
We all met pre-race for a group photo

It was a great day for a race, cloudy and a little on the cool side.
After the photo, we all made our way to the starting corral. At this point, I still did not have a pacing strategy. My co-coach, Rozdi was running intervals. I knew I did not want to run intervals. But, because we had been running intervals in training, I wasn't sure anyone else would want to.
The gun went off and we settled into an easy 12:00 min/mile pace. At 9 minutes, Rozdi shouted out to walk. We were so close to the water stop, I told the goup that I wasn't going to walk, but would walk through the water stop instead. Melanie and Angie stayed with me.

We walked through the first water stop and resumed our pace of 11:45-12:15, walking only through the water stops or for a short break when one of us was tired.

Mile 4 was our slowest lap. When we turned around and headed back south, the wind had picked up significantly, so we now had a strong head wind.
Although the course was relatively flat, this lap was "uphill"
And, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit tired myself.
But, they picked the pace back up at mile 5 and didn't let up.
They kicked it in on mile 6 and finished strong!!
Melanie beat her goal time with a finish time of 1:14:24

My husband, who had gotten a 10k PR, was waiting for me at the finish.

I actually missed the finish line initially because I was so focused on my runners. My husband had to stop me and tell me to go back to cross the finish line!

 Then, I went back to find Rozdi and Lee Ann.
They were on the home stretch, just about to round the corner to the finish line.
It was pretty awesome all of us running in together!

I wasn't really concerned about my time. I just wanted to run without pain and finish.
I accomplished both, so it was a successful run for me.

I played around with not using Gu or Honey Stingers on this run. I fueled my run with dried fruit and applesauce instead. I never really felt a bonk, so I think it was pretty successful!
The post race food and festivities were pretty good. It even included admission to the Oklahoma Aquarium. We opted to go back out and cheer for our friends who had run the half marathon instead.

This was my first time running this race. Overall, it was a very well-organized, fun run! I would do it again and I highly recommend it! The course is fast and flat if one is wanting to PR. Many of my friends did as a matter of fact.

Now, I've got to focus on training for the Camp Barnabas half marathon in 12 days! Eek!! 
It will be my first half since December and I'm more than a little nervous!
An injury sure can affect you more than your physical well-being. It has damaged my pysche, I think more than I realized was possible. It has made me doubt myself and knocked my confidence level down quite a bit.

My training this week will include:

Monday: 3mile run, 30 Day Shred
Tuesday: Speedwork @ TU track (if it's not storming, as predicted), 30 Day Shred
Wednesday: 3 mile run, 30 Day Shred
Thursday: Urban Fit cross training/bootcamp; 30 Day Shred
Friday: REST!
Saturday: 10-13 mile training run

Saturday was also the last day of the sugar detox. I made it all week and I feel like it was successful. I'm not sure how or even if I'm going to incorporate processed foods, etc back into my diet. I'm thinking, if I didn't miss it, then I don't really need it.

Have a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Race pacing and other randomness

TGIF y'all!!

This has been an exciting week! The sugar detox has been going pretty well so far, but I really want some almonds covered in Hershey's chocolate right now. And this is supposed to be day 5 of the 30 day shred, but I am declaring it a rest day. I've been pretty active so far this week and it will be a very active weekend w/ a 10k and a 20+mile bike ride planned so I think it's reasonable to take the night off. I am going to do vinyasa yoga and some foam rolling but other than that, I am going to rest.

I'm excited about the Aquarium 10k run tomorrow. It is the graduation run for my Pathways group that I coach. This is the 3rd session I've coached this program and I think has been my favorite session so far. This has been the most cohesive group I've coached. They seem to have bonded and they have all worked so hard. I am so proud of them!!

I have yet to figure out my pre-race and race nutrition, but I've narrowed it down to oatmeal w/ fruit, baked sweet potato and brown rice, or sliced apple and peanut butter. I'm still figuring out race nutrition too. I'm thinking either dried fruit or organic baby food packets. Hmmm......I just don't know. I know the "nothing new on race day" rule but technically this is a training run for me. I'm open to any and all suggestions :-D

And, I also haven't figured out my pacing stratgey either. I know, its a little late to be figuring all this out, but hey, stuff happens!!  There are 3 of us that will be coaching my group. They have been training at a 12:00 minute pace with 11/1 intervals. I know what my co-coaches are planning to do. Kay will be running about 11:45 with 9/1 intervals. Her goal finish time is 1:15. Rozdi will start at a 12:00 to 12:15 and progess to 11:45 with 9/1 intervals. I'm thinking I might start at an 11:45 pace and progress to 11:30 and I don't plan to do intervals other than walking through the water stops. My goal finish time is 1:12 which is an average of 11:35. I probably should not try to race this, but should treat it as a long, slow training run since I'm 2 weeks away from my half marathon. I just don't want to flare up this IT band issue again. And I might want to try out the interval feature on my snazzy new Garmin 210!!

I've been having issues with the software on my 110. I've sent it back to Garmin twice now. When I heard about the sweet upgrade deal Garmin is offering right now, I had to take advantage of it. Check it out here: http://garmin.blogs.com/my_weblog/girls-on-the-run/

That's all I've got for now. Have a fabulous Friday!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Thursday

First, a little housekeeping.... I’ve had a facelift!
And I love it!!
Special thanks to Hubby Jack for the amazing transformation!!
Obviously, he does great work and is really affordable.
Keep him in mind if you need a little sprucing up!!

So far, Operation Sugar Detox/Diet Reset has been going well. I have not eaten any bread, crackers, cereal bars, cookies, cake, chocolate, candy, etc. and I feel GREAT!! My stomach is flatter than I have ever seen it. I told my hubs that at this rate, I could get into my Miss Me jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in 2 years because of my muffin top!! Woohoo!!

I'm concerned about fueling on my run, however. Usually I use a banana and Honey Stinger waffle or PB toast pre-race. During the run, I fuel with Gu Chomps or Honey Stinger "gummies" I'm thinking about oats, peanut butter, banana, or a sweet potato pre-race and dried fruit, honey packets, applesauce, or cut up Larabars on the run.

And I’ve successfully completed Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred for 3 days in a row. Last night was rough because my arms were sore and tired, but I got ‘er done. Thank goodness this is taper week for my Pathwayers in prep for their 10k this Saturday. I put in 3 miles with them Monday night, 2.65 wet, cold miles last night and we’re going to do 2 miles tonight.

Whew!! I’ve been a busy girl!!

Now, let’s go have a terrific day!!

Do you watch your sugar and processed food intake?
How do you handle sweet cravings?
Any other sugar-free athletes out there??  How do you fuel your run without gels or "gummies"?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Race Preparation Tips

Day 2 of 30 Day Shred and Sugar Detox completed successfully!!
Day 2 was a little harder than the first day but I'm feeling better overall, so far!!

This is race week for my Pathwayers. I'm excited for them!!
In case you don't know, I'm a coach for a 10k training program through our local Fleet Feet Sports store. This has been a great session! We've had some extreme weather: sleet, snow, etc, but they have perservered!

In order to help them succeed, I wanted to share some of my favorite race prep tips.

So you have decided to run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, etc.
You’ve trained long and hard. You put in the miles.
You worked hard in all types of weather.
You’ve run those hills from hell and those laps at the track.
You’ve committed. You signed up for your race…….
Now what??
The first step is realizing that you can’t control everything. Things are going to happen. Not might happen, but will happen. There are things that we cannot control that affect every aspect of our lives including running and races. Things like flat tires, injuries, illnesses, poop, etc. We must first accept what we cannot control, otherwise we will be constantly disappointed.
So, with that being said, control what you can to prepare for your race.
1. Know what you’re going to wear. Don’t wear something new on race day. Lay your race gear out the night before the race. Make sure you have:
  • Shirt                                                        
  • Shoes                                                      
  • Shorts/pants                                              
  • Sports bra                                                 
  • Socks                                                      
  • Anti-chafe stick or spray                            
  • ID/$$                                                       
  • Nutrition/hydration
  • Hat/visor/hair tie/headband
  • Sunglasses/sunscreen
  • Gloves/throw away clothes, etc
  • Timing chip on shoe
  • Iphone, ipod, earbuds—charge the night before
  • Watch/GPS—charge the night before Race bib pinned on shirt or race belt
  • Directions to and from race, transport, parking & schedules, etc  
2. Fuel up: Gradually increase your carb intake over the last 2-3 days before that race. It is recommended to start on day 1 with complex carbs and then simple carbs on days 2 & 3. Know what you’re going to eat for race day breakfast. Again, nothing new on race day.

3. Hydrate: It is recommended to drink 4-8 ounces of water every hour. Make sure that you’re including electrolyte replacements like Nuun or Gatorade.

4. Rest: It is common to experience pre-race jitters the night before the race so it is important to get a good night sleep 2 nights before the race. 
5. Dress as if it is 15-20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature at the start of the race. Wear something old to discard or a trash bag to keep you warm before the race. 
6. Dynamic warm up. 
7. Don’t go out too fast. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the race, but you don’t want to expend all your energy too soon.

8. Trust your training. 
What do you do to prepare for a race??

What is your pre-race breakfast?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things

Day 1 of Operation Sugar Detox and 30 Day Shred are complete and successful!! Only 6 more days to go! My goals for the past 2 years have been to eat more whole foods and less processed foods. I also need to be more dilligent about cross training to build strength and encrease endurance/decrease risk of injury. I have started out well in the past with both plans and have gotten bored quickly, so I stopped. Hopefully, this time, knowing that I am not in this alone, I will be successful. It's looking good so far! 

As requested by Nerky Meg, here are my before pictures.

As a runner, I am a junkie for any and all running gear. New running gear is like crack to me!! So, needless to say, if there is something new on the market, chances are I have tried it. In this case, not all of these products are new necessarily. Some are just "new to me" as in, I haven't tried them before. Here are some products I’ve been using lately that have become my favorites.

Injinji toe socks: I’ve tried nearly every brand of running sock on the market. I was still developing blisters from time to time. Someone at my local Fleet Feet Sports store recommended Injini toe socks. I thought, “What the heck? What I’m doing currently isn’t working. So, why not?” I bought a pair and wore them on my next long run. AMAZING!! They are so comfortable and so far, I haven’t had any more blisters. I did not want to take them off! They are quite literally some of the most comfortable socks I've ever worn.

Trislide: It is important that runners for runners to prevent chafing. Some use a product called “Bodyglide” while others use Vaseline or deodorant on their trouble areas. For me, that would be my feet. I’ve used Vaseline and Bodyglide many times and still ended up with blisters. So, I thought, along with the toe socks, I would try a product called “Trislide”. It is a spray skin lubricant that almost reminds me of cooking spray. It is very slick, so one must be careful where they are located when they apply it. Spraying this on in your bathroom, on a ceramic tile floor could be a recipe for disaster. I would advise standing on a carpeted surface or placing a towel on the floor first. I’ve had good results using this product.

Nuun: I was very excited to learn that Nuun, a sugar free sports drink, would be coming out with new flavors! They have finally arrived and I have sampled them all. There is cherry limeade which I think is my new favorite. It reminds me of a Sonic diet cherry limeade. It has a light cherry flavor, not too much lime but it is good and refreshing. Watermelon would be my next favorite. It’s light, not too sweet. Tastes like summer! And last is lemonade. They already have a pink lemonade flavor which I think I prefer more. This new flavor is too light for my taste.  I’m more of a CountryTime lemonade kinda gal.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend wrap-up and Sugar Detox/Diet reset

Our weekend started, as usual, with a training run with our half marathon training group. We were scheduled to do a 7 mile time trial.

Mile 1 was a warm up @ 12:20;
time trial miles 2-6, splits were: 12:23, 11:28, 11:14, 10:59, 10:33;
1 mile cool down @ 12:26.

Check out the negative splits y'all!!

We had a pretty good rain shower from about mile 3 to about mile 5 then it let up.
I'm just glad we made it back to the store before the downpour started!!
All in all, it was a pretty good run and all the body parts felt pretty good, for the most part.

That was followed by breakfast with good friends and then some productive retail therapy.

I fixed dinner at home Saturday and we settled down to watch Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. Based on what I saw of Argo (the beginning and the end—I slept through the middle) it was a pretty good show!

This is the week that “Operation Diet Reset” goes into effect……again!!

I started out doing pretty well in January but have quickly gotten off track again. I have issues with sweets more than anything else. Now, don’t get me wrong, a cookie or piece of chocolate on occasion isn’t a crime. But, I know that sweets are my weakness. 1 usually adds to more and that leads to a “treat” on a daily basis which just isn’t cool.

Recent research links sugar to many health problems including obesity, Type 2 diabetes and liver disease. And artificial sweeteners are linked to diseases such as cancer and alzheimer’s.

So, in order to get my sugar intake/diet back on track,
I've linked up with MommyRunFast for the sugar free challenge.
So, I am starting a SUGAR DETOX/Diet reset today!! EEK!!

The number one thing that I know I need to do is have a plan and be prepared. So, I spent a good majority of my Sunday preparing meals for the week. Our menu this week consists of:

Sunday: Crockpot pork tenderloin w/ red potatoes and green beans

Monday: Philly cheese steak stuffed peppers (Recipe) and brown rice

Tuesday: Lemon garlic chicken, roasted cauliflower and asparagus

Wednesday: Turkey smoked sausage, quinoa, and steamed sqaush

Thursday: Turkey burgers, sweet potatoes and salad

Friday: Left overs

Breakfast: for me will be protein shake; for hubs will be boiled eggs and turkey sausage.
Lunches: Leftovers.

I'm hoping cocoa roasted almonds, fruit and natural nut butter will suffice for my sugar cravings/snacks

I've already quit using the "pink stuff" in my coffee, switched to lemon/lime infused water vs Crystal Light and gave up sweet tea for lent. I’m still using sweetened creamer in my coffee though. I'm going to try to replace that with the almond coconut milk blend.

Fingers are crossed that I can get my diet reset once again!!

Fitness goals this week are as follows:

I’m linking up with NerkyMeg and we’re starting Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred today.
I may do Ripped in 30, I don’t know yet, we’ll see.
I’ve started both these programs before but never finished.
I’m hoping having a workout buddy will keep my accountable.

Monday: Sweep for PW3 @ FF BD, 3 miles

Tuesday: Sweep for PW3 @ FF KP, 3 miles

Wednesday: Sweep for PW3 @ FF BD, 2.5 miles

Thursday: Sweep for PW3 @ FF KP, 2.5 miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: Aquarium Run 10k