Sunday, April 14, 2013

Long Slow Saturday And Sunday Meal Planning/Prep

Saturday is my long slow run day. Yesterday was truly a lesson in "control what you can" and perseverance!

Our training group was scheduled for 13 but about half of us were only doing 7. It was pouring down rain when we woke up in the morning. We got ready and headed to Tulsa to meet the group at Fleet Feet Sports, despite the rain. The closer we got to Tulsa, the lighter the rain got. We were hoping that we dodged a bullet. No such luck! So, we put on our rain gear and headed out. It was about 45 degrees and the rain was steady, never really letting up. There is only 1 appropriate word for this run: MISERABLE! I think it was the second crappiest weather condition run I've ever had! I felt fine on this run, no IT band pain or blister problems, even with soaking wet feet. We got lost a couple of times. And the further we went, the more irritable I became. I was soaked, cold and just overall wiped out. The weather conditions made me feel sluggish and made for a very challenging run. It was our last long run with the group before the Camp Barnabas Half Marathon next weekend. I wanted to get 9 or 10 miles, we ended up getting close to 8. Given the weather, I was fine with that.

Afterward, we put on our dry clothes and did our weekly grocery shopping. I love a good bargain and enjoy bargain shopping. Our weekly grocery bill for 2 of us is around $100. This really irritates me as I think it should be less for just 2 of us. In an attempt to whittle it down, I've been trying to price match as much as possible at Walmart. The past couple of weeks, I've just taken a list and I've gotten a few things cheaper. But I still think I can do better. I think next week, I'll take a pocket folder with the local ads, my list from Ziplist and Breaking Walmart, my shopping list and any coupons that I might have. Its actually kinda fun to see how much I can save.

Today, I'm going to meal plan and food prep. Here's what I think the weekly menu will consist of:

Sunday: Turkey sausage, squash and quinoa skillet
Monday: Philly Cheesesteak stuffed peppers, brown rice
Tuesday: Roasted Chicken with red potatoes and green beans
Wednesday: Steak kabobs with brown rice
Thursday: Turkey burgers, baked or roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli or asparagus or salad
Friday: Carb loading for my half marathon

Breakfast for me: Greek yogurt and fruit; for hubs: Eggs and turkey sausage. Lunches for both of us: leftovers. Snacks: dried fruit, nuts, nut butter, fresh fruit, string cheese.

And my fitness goals for the week include:

Sunday: 20 mile bike ride
Monday: 3 mile run at base pace
Tuesday: Urban Fit bootcamp
Wednesday: Jillian Michaels dvd
Thursday: 2.5 mile run at base pace before Urban Fit bootcamp
Friday: REST!!
Saturday: Camp Barnabas Half Marathon, Springfield, Missouri

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