Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend wrap-up and Sugar Detox/Diet reset

Our weekend started, as usual, with a training run with our half marathon training group. We were scheduled to do a 7 mile time trial.

Mile 1 was a warm up @ 12:20;
time trial miles 2-6, splits were: 12:23, 11:28, 11:14, 10:59, 10:33;
1 mile cool down @ 12:26.

Check out the negative splits y'all!!

We had a pretty good rain shower from about mile 3 to about mile 5 then it let up.
I'm just glad we made it back to the store before the downpour started!!
All in all, it was a pretty good run and all the body parts felt pretty good, for the most part.

That was followed by breakfast with good friends and then some productive retail therapy.

I fixed dinner at home Saturday and we settled down to watch Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. Based on what I saw of Argo (the beginning and the end—I slept through the middle) it was a pretty good show!

This is the week that “Operation Diet Reset” goes into effect……again!!

I started out doing pretty well in January but have quickly gotten off track again. I have issues with sweets more than anything else. Now, don’t get me wrong, a cookie or piece of chocolate on occasion isn’t a crime. But, I know that sweets are my weakness. 1 usually adds to more and that leads to a “treat” on a daily basis which just isn’t cool.

Recent research links sugar to many health problems including obesity, Type 2 diabetes and liver disease. And artificial sweeteners are linked to diseases such as cancer and alzheimer’s.

So, in order to get my sugar intake/diet back on track,
I've linked up with MommyRunFast for the sugar free challenge.
So, I am starting a SUGAR DETOX/Diet reset today!! EEK!!

The number one thing that I know I need to do is have a plan and be prepared. So, I spent a good majority of my Sunday preparing meals for the week. Our menu this week consists of:

Sunday: Crockpot pork tenderloin w/ red potatoes and green beans

Monday: Philly cheese steak stuffed peppers (Recipe) and brown rice

Tuesday: Lemon garlic chicken, roasted cauliflower and asparagus

Wednesday: Turkey smoked sausage, quinoa, and steamed sqaush

Thursday: Turkey burgers, sweet potatoes and salad

Friday: Left overs

Breakfast: for me will be protein shake; for hubs will be boiled eggs and turkey sausage.
Lunches: Leftovers.

I'm hoping cocoa roasted almonds, fruit and natural nut butter will suffice for my sugar cravings/snacks

I've already quit using the "pink stuff" in my coffee, switched to lemon/lime infused water vs Crystal Light and gave up sweet tea for lent. I’m still using sweetened creamer in my coffee though. I'm going to try to replace that with the almond coconut milk blend.

Fingers are crossed that I can get my diet reset once again!!

Fitness goals this week are as follows:

I’m linking up with NerkyMeg and we’re starting Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred today.
I may do Ripped in 30, I don’t know yet, we’ll see.
I’ve started both these programs before but never finished.
I’m hoping having a workout buddy will keep my accountable.

Monday: Sweep for PW3 @ FF BD, 3 miles

Tuesday: Sweep for PW3 @ FF KP, 3 miles

Wednesday: Sweep for PW3 @ FF BD, 2.5 miles

Thursday: Sweep for PW3 @ FF KP, 2.5 miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: Aquarium Run 10k


  1. Great job on the negative splits. I am doing a sugar detox too. Too much of that stuff has found it's way into my belly lately!

    1. Thanks! It is so easy to get carried away with sugar and foods companies don't when they hide it in our food.

  2. You look well prepared! I'm excited to do this and prove to myself I am the one in control. :) Good luck!

    1. It looks I've already broken 1 of the rules by having a protein shake for breakfast. I'll just be happy to not eat any cakes, cookies, candies, etc. Thanks for organizing this. It will help to have the accountability.

  3. I am starting 30DS today too! I may go back and forth between it and RI30 myself... I have also started and not finished before, but April is it, we are doing this!!! We can keep each other accountable!

    1. Oh, that would be great! I love workout buddies :-)

  4. Great job on the negative splits!! WOOHOO!! :)

  5. Nice negative splits! Thanks for linking up with Laura and I! Good luck with the detox!

    1. Thanks, Jill. I know its only day 1, but so far, so good.

  6. I am attempting the detox, too. I was doing great all day but now I'm really craving some chocolate! I won't give in, though. :) Very nice job on the neg. splits!

  7. I have cocoa roasted almonds from Emerald that are perfect to satisfy the chocolate cravings. Only 100 calories, 1 gm of sugar and no added sugars. Good luck! We're in this together. :-)