Friday, October 25, 2013



Oh yeah, I'm doing the Friday happy dance!!

It's been a long, craptastic week!! I'm ready for a break!!

Work has been hectic crazy and I've been out of sorts this week. Tomorrow is the Tulsa Run. I'll be running the 15k with my Pathways group that I've been coaching for 12 weeks now. I'm excited for them! They've been a good group to work with! Initially, I had some issues with my registration (very long, confusing and frustrating story) but I have friends in high places and I got them all straigthened out so I'm ready to go now!!

I'm planning to pace them starting at a 12 and then hope to progress to an 11:45. We'll walk when we need to and just play it by ear. Plus, I'm super excited to learn that I'll be coaching some of them to complete their first half marathon!! The Route 66 half marathon is in 3 weeks. Many of them want to go on to do that but aren't sure that they can train for it on their own so we've decided to extend the session to accomodate them. I'm so excited! I remember the excitement of my first half and I'm so excited to be part of theirs!!

I've tried to clean my diet up this week and I've been about 75% successful. I've noticed a little improvement and I'll just continue to work on it. I need to do a little better job of meal planning and prep this weekend. I haven't worked out as much as I should this week but that is going to change on Monday. I've decided to do Insanity again starting Monday!!

I can't think of any other tidbits at this time, so until next time......take care!!

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