Friday, October 11, 2013

Fridays, Fall, and Football

TGIF folks!!

I hope that you've had a fabulous week!!

It's been pretty good here although pretty uneventful and I'm OK with that!!

We've been blessed with some beautiful fall weather this week, so I took advantage of that on Wednesday and went for a run on my lunch break. I did 2.3 miles in 23 minutes. Then, after work, my Pathways group ran 4.5. We did stairs and hills. It was a good run!! Then I came home and did the full body workout that I posted on Wednesday. I was wiped out!!

I planned to run again yesterday at lunch but I was having a little pain in my left shin, so I taped it and decided to rest it. I was going to do my Rocktober 30 workout last night but was way to tired, so yesterday became a rest day. I felt lazy but I know that rest is important too. I'll get back at it tonight.

Tomorrow, my group is doing 9 miles including the infamous "Golfball Hill" I hope they put on their big panties!!  It's pretty challenging but it's kind of a right of passage for all Fleet Feet Tulsa runners. I've been promising them mimosas all session. Since this is my last Saturday run with them before the Tulsa Run and it's also the OU/Texas weekend, I think I'll make good on my promise and have post run mimosas for them tomorrow. Maybe that will motivate them!!

I have no other plans this weekend other than watching college football and relaxing!!

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!!

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