Monday, October 14, 2013

Golf Ball Hill recap

Good morning folks!!

Happy Monday!!

I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend. Ours wasn't too bad for the most part.

Saturday morning, my Pathways group was scheduled to do 9 miles, which included the infamous "Golf Ball Hill" They are training for the Tulsa Run 15k and this past week was by far their hardest week to date with the most mileage and some hilly courses. Now, you would think that Golf Ball Hill would be associated with a golf course, but that is not how it earned it's name. It's a hill in a housing addition in south Tulsa. Its about 800 ft elevation with a steep approach on 1 side and a long, steady climb on the other. At the top is a water tower that resembles a golf ball on a tee which is why we refer to it as "golf ball hill" It is a rite of passage for almost all Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa runners as it is included on nearly every training schedule every season. The purpose for including it, is to prove that if you can conquer that hill, you can accomplish anything!!

It was a challenging run but they all conquered the hill!!
I lead them up the hill (and didn't get lost!!) and Coach Steve led them down while I waited with an injured runner for a ride back to the store. The car from the store picked us up and dropped me off with the group when we located them out on the course. We returned to the store for a water/bathroom break and then set out for the final 3 miles of our 9 miler. (I missed out on a mile, but I was ok with 8) There were some other nagging injuries that caused problems for some people. I suggested that a couple sit out the last 3 miles which hurt some feelings. But having had an injury myself, I know how important rest is for healing.
After we finished our run, we enjoyed some refreshments:
Post-run mimosas

That was my last Saturday training run with them. I'll be in Iowa this weekend and the Tulsa Run is the following weekend.  It's been a good session! I've really enjoyed working with them all. I'm not the most consistent pacer but I try to be supportive and make the training runs fun. I think that I succeeded!
The rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful. It involved college football and sitting around with feet up recovering from the long run. Sunday, we did our weekly grocery shopping. I was out of sorts so it wasn't a pleasant experience. I didn't get much meal prepping done for the week. I did cook a pork tenderloin in the crockpot and managed to cut up some romaine lettuce for salads, but that's all I accomplished. I hope that I haven't set myself up for failure! EEK!! I think that I'll make a pot of taco soup tonight and bake some "hard boiled" eggs tonight.
Tonight, the PW3 group is scheduled for a 3 mile recovery run. It's supposed to rain :( I'm not really a huge fan of running in the rain. I don't like wet feet. In addition to the run, I'm planning to do my week 2 Betty Rocker/Rocktober workout.
Gotta run! Have a fabulous Monday!!

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