Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Workout Wednesday #18

Good morning folks!!

What day is it??

Happy Workout Wednesday!!  I love Wednesday because it means that we're halfway through the work week!!
Last night, I did Week 2, Day 1 of the Rocktober 30 Day Challenge from The Betty Rocker. I love these workouts because they are basic moves that everyone knows and can be easily modified based on one's current fitness level. I was supposed to do globe jumps for 1 minute, but modified the move to do jump squats instead and still got in a good workout!
After work tonight, my Pathways group will be doing a 4.5 mile hill/stair run. I'm really excited about this! I love hills!!  We're getting really close to our goal race, the Tulsa Run 15k. This week is our highest mileage week and Saturday morning, we'll be doing the infamous "Golf Ball Hill" I've been promising them post-run mimosas to celebrate how far they've come.
After the run, I'll be doing the following workout:
Dumb bell workout --Do each exercise for 20 seconds/10 seconds rest—4 intervals: 

Dumb bell shoulder press
Dumb bell upright row

10 burpees

Dumb bell floor press
Dumb bell floor flies

10 burpees

Mason Twists
Bicycle crunches

10 burpees

Push ups
Tricep extensions

10 burpees

Dumb bell curls
Hammer curls

10 burpees
If I have anything left after all that, I'll do some abs too! Whew!! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday!! 
Make today AWESOME!!
What workouts are you currently doing??



  1. Holy mollie! That is some workout! I am bookmarking this to try when my foot heals! I just started following the Betty Rocker on Instagram and while I was late for the Rocktober Challenge, I signed up to get notification of her next one. can't wait! Awesome to have found your blog through WOW!

    Maria @ The Good Life

    1. HI! Thanks for stopping by! It was challenging but I got it done