Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Quickie

Good morning folks!!

Thanks for all the visits and new followers via Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally I appreciate the LOVE!!

Yesterday was a good day as far as Mondays go. Work wasn't too bad and I got in a good 3.5 mile run with my Pathways group afterward. I'm really loving the 70 and 80 degree temps with low humidity right now!!  It makes running fun!!

And I'm loving my Rocktober 30 workouts from The Betty Rocker I'm really wanting to try her eating/meal plan too, as that's what I struggle the most with. But, I'm going out of town next weekend and it would be difficult to follow the plan while I'm on the road, so I plan to start it when I get back.
I'm gonna get this body in shape BEFORE the holidays!!  That's my mission!!

Ok folks, that's all I've got for now. See you tomorrow for workout Wednesday!!  I've got a new strength training/fat burning circuit for you!!


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    1. Thank you! I'm really encouraged by these new workouts and am eager to try the meal plans!