Monday, September 30, 2013

Here we go again.....

Happy Monday y'all!! 

It's starting to feel like fall around here!!  One thing that I love about fall is the crisp, cool nights. I love to sleep with the windows open at night. We opened the windows Friday evening and left them open Friday and Saturday night. No problems Friday night. But, yesterday morning, I woke up with a sore throat and have been dealing with it since then. :-( Hot tea has been my friend since then!!

Saturday was long, slow run day for my Pathways group. They are currently training for the Tulsa Run 15k. We ran 7 miles Saturday morning.

It was a distance PR for many of them. It was about 75 degrees when we started but we had about 60% humidity which made it a little bit challenging but they all did a fabulous job!! Afterward, we all went to FirstWatch for breakfast. It was fun!!  I really enjoy working with this group. They are so determined and so much fun!!

Hubs and I did a little shopping and then we watched the OU/Notre Dame game. We went out for a little boot scootin' after the game.

Yesterday, was pretty uneventful due to the sore throat. I caught up a little bit on household chores and TV shows that I had recorded. We did a little grocery shopping but I didn't do any meal prepping. Hopefully, I'll have time to do that tonight. We watched "Iron Man 3" It was ok but the first one is still my favorite!!

Today, my Pathways group is doing speedwork at the track. Then, hubs and I are going to do Insanity plyo circuit.

I've finally got hubs interested in working out with me and I'm excited about that!!  I'm glad he's committed to improving his health and fitness!!  We decided that we're going to do Insanity with strength training built in. I run with Pathways on Monday and Wednesday. On those days, we'll do an Insanity workout. On my non-running days, we'll do strength training and abs. Saturday will be our long run days. We'll be working out 6 days each week. I'll be making out a calendar today so that it will be easy for us to keep up with.

Ok, that's all for now. Take care and have a wonderful Monday!!

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