Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SNAP challenge day 2/Workout Wednesday

Day 2 of the SNAP challenge is complete. I had to rethink my meal plans for the week as I've been having some issues with my stomach. I was planning to eat the pasta dish for but I'm beginning to realize that the gluten causes me problems. So, I took a baked potato for lunch. And I had raisins with my peanut butter/celery afternoon snack to take care of my sweet tooth problem. I'm taking a baked potato again today. If my stomach is feeling better tomorrow, I'm going to take tuna "sandwiches" as I originally planned. I had $ left over in my budget, so I grabbed a head of lettuce at the store yesterday to use for lettuce wraps instead of the bread. I spent .69 cents on it because Walmart price matched the ALDI price for it. The key to success for my hubs is to pack his lunch ahead of time, which I didn't do last night as I fell asleep watching TV. Today will be interesting to say the least for him.

And, it's WORKOUT WEDNESDAY!!  Here's what I've got for you today:

What workouts are you currently doing??

How do you save money on groceries??


  1. Stopping by from the WOW link up!! Nice quick circuit! I don't save money which succckkkksss. I need to get better because groceries are too expensive! Especially healthier foods!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by!! I'm currently doing a SNAP challenge, where I attempt eat for $4.50 per person per day (the average amount that food stamp recipients receive). I'm trying to demonstrate that you can make healthier choices on a budget. :-)