Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ahoy mateys!

Good morning scalliwags!!

Today is my for 2 reasons:

1: It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!  You can get a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme and free fish at Long John Silvers today......

2:  It's my birthday!! 

Yesterday was "Hill Day" for my Pathways group. We ran the same route we ran last week, but we ran it backwards. So now, my group has conquered Crybaby hill and Hospital hill!!  They are champs!!  It was rather humid last night which made for a challenging run but we persevered and got it done!!  I ended up walking the last few blocks due to a cramp in my foot. MORE ELECTROLYTES!!

John, taking time to smell the roses on our run

On the way home, I stopped to buy a lottery ticket because, well, why not?!

And I matched the power ball number which means I won!!

$12 whole dollars!!

Beats a jab in the eye, but I guess I won't be retiring by post card anytime soon :/
So, in that case, I guess I need to go get ready for work!

Have a squiffy day, you scurvy bilge rats!!


  1. Happy birthday! $12 is better than no dollars! That's a great little surprise!

    Hope you had a wonderful day and a wonderful week!