Thursday, September 26, 2013

SNAP challenge Day #3

Good morning folks!!

Yesterday was day 3 of the SNAP challenge. I was worried about hubs because I didn't pack his food the previous night. He packed his own food and ended up doing pretty well, actually.  I stuck to my bland baked potato for lunch and had celery/raisins/peanut butter for snacks. I think my tummy has finally started to settle down some, so today I'm taking tuna lettuce wraps for my lunch.

Tomorrow is the last day of my challenge and I'm going to have some food leftover going into next week. My goal of this challenge was to demonstrate that one could purchase healthier foods on a budget. I think that most people believe that eating healthy has to be expensive. It's true that I didn't end up with as much produce as I usually purchase, the one thing that I tend to have to throw out because it went bad before I could use it is produce! Perhaps I've been over buying! I think that it's important to meal plan and shop strategically if you're on a tight grocery budget. I also firmly believe in the "cook once, serve twice" concept. It is basically repurposing left overs to get the most bang for your buck. 

While I was doing research for my challenge, I found this blog, Cook for Good that has great tips for shopping/cooking/eating on a budget.

My Pathways group ran 4 hilly miles last night. It was a GREAT run! The hills were challenging but everyone gave it their best effort and did an amazing job!!  I'm so inspired by this group!! 

After I got home, I tried the fat burning circuit that I posted yesterday. I got 2 rounds done when I noticed that my form was poor. I was super tired so I decided that 2 rounds was better than no rounds and I called it a day!!  Hopefully, I won't feel so tired and can get in a full workout tonight, especially since I've finally got hubs motivated to work out with me!!

He bought me a weight bench for my birthday last week but I've yet to use it because he is using it!!  LOL Hey, whatever it takes to inspire him to take better care of himself I guess.

Well, I guess that's all I've got for now. Have a fantastic day!!

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