Friday, September 20, 2013

Yay for Friday!!

Good morning folks!!


I'm so glad it's finally Friday!! Happy Run At Work Day!!

I won't be running at work because I'm off work all day but I will be running errands. Does that count??

I'm super excited about the weekend, even though it's going to be a whirlwind!!

I'm off work today for a dental appointment, a hair appointment, etc.

Tomorrow is the Quarter Marathon in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This event is supposed to be a training run for my Pathways group. My plan is to meet my group prior to the race and then pace them for the duration of the run. But, the weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow and my competitive side will most likely take over. I will probably race it trying to beat my last 10k time of 1:10

Afterward, we'll most likely meet for brunch. Then later, we plan on meeting friends and family for a little boot scooting to celebrate my birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday. I worked and it was a crazy, busy day!! I think all the patients knew it was a full moon day and took the opportunity to act all cray cray!

After work, I got a little bit of retail therapy. Then, I went to Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa for their VIP anniversary party. They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. I absolutely love this place and these people! They do so much for the Tulsa running community!! I was thrilled to be considered a "VIP"

They had food, drinks, and gifts for us. But the most special treat of all was the guest speaker, Dick Beardsley.

Celebrating my birthday with Dick Beardsley :-)
He is so funny and inspirational!!
There's something that I need to come clean about because I haven't been completely honest. A couple of months ago, during June and July, I hit a slump. I felt burned out. I wanted to stop running because I felt that I wasn't enjoying it anymore. But I kept at it because I was coaching my group. I was discouraged with that too though and was feeling very frustrated about it. I wasn't going to coach this session. Before I had a chance to tell the program director that I wouldn't be back, he emailed me to tell me that he was changing my sweeper coach. Something clicked in my head. I thought that maybe I would give it another chance. Then I met my group. They are all so determined. I've seen them challenge themselves and it has been so inspiring to watch them. I LOVE this group!!  It was exactly what I needed to renew my love for running.
Listening to Mr. Beardsley last night, I really understood that we all experience peaks and valleys, but the important thing is that we keep going, do not stop, do not EVER give up! It was just what I needed!!
"It's those moments in life when we feel like we can't take another step, but we do, and them we take another..." ~~ Dick Beardsley
So, thank you Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa for throwing your anniversary party on my birthday. And Dick Beardsley for giving me the best birthday present EVER......HOPE!
Have a fabulous weekend!!
Have you ever met any running legends??

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