Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The time I met Bart Yasso

Good morning folks!  Happy Tuesday!!

Yesterday was my first day of Insanity, month 2. I knew it was going to be rough and it was! I did the best I could and felt good, for the most part, when I was done.  I couldn't do it @ 100% yet, but I will get it eventually.

The highlight of the day was my run with Pathways last night. We were scheduled to do 3.5 miles at a 12:00 minute mile pace with a 10:1 interval. We took a different route last night and started out pretty strong but the 100 degree heat index got to some of us. I sent a couple of runners back to the store via car and caught up to the rest of the group at the water stop. We changed our intervals to 9:2 and shortened our route a little bit. They all hung in there and finished strong!!

The run coincided with the kick off of the fall marathon/half marathon training programs and Route 66 Marathon was hosting the "First Mile" event. They had group runs, food, snow cones, inflatables, music and free beer afterward. It was a fun event. I got to see many of my running friends which always makes me happy, happy, happy! The highlight, however, was getting to meet Bart Yasso!!  He is an icon in the runner world and is probably best known for his "Yasso 800's" which I probably should do more often!  He was very personable and will be back to run the marathon in November.

Have a great day friends!!
Run happy!
Have you ever met any running icons?
Who is your running hero?