Monday, July 22, 2013

It's race week!!

Good morning y'all!!

Happy Monday!!

This is race week for my Fleet Feet Pathways group. I've been working with them since May, training for the Bedlam Run. The time has finally come!!  This is race week!  It's been exciting to watch them become stronger runners and it will be fun to watch them cross that finish line on Saturday morning!!
I tweaked my workout schedule little last week due to some hip flexor/possible IT band problems I was having. I took Thursday as a rest day then I modified my Insanity schedule a little bit. Friday night, I did core cardio and balance. Saturday morning, we were at the lake. I got up early and got in 3 miles then I did cardio recovery. There is a hill there that I've tried to conquer without success, but last Saturday morning, I ran that hill LIKE A BOSS! Finally!!  After 3 years of trying, I did it!!  That shows me that with patience and persistence, anything is possible! My hip/knee didn't hurt at all but I've been foam rolling and using my TP therapy tools a lot too!!
I'm thinking that it might be time to replace my shoes or possibly just my insoles. I'll have the good folks at Fleet Feet sports take a look at that for me. My IT band was a big issue earlier this year, but I thought I had it handled. It don't think I've changed anything but hopefully we can get it figured out since the fall race season is quickly approaching!
My workout schedule this week includes:
Mon -- 3 miles with Pathways/ I'm starting Insanity week 2 over today
Tues -- Turkey Tuesday : 3 - 4 miles including hill repeats @ Turkey Mt in Tulsa/Insanity
Wed -- 2.5 miles with Pathways (our last run before Bedlam)/Insanity
Thurs -- Insanity cardio recovery
Fri -- Insanity
Sat -- Bedlam Run 10k/Insanity
Sun -- REST/Sunday Funday!!
Have a wonderful Monday!!
Be awesome today!
What's on your workout schedule this week??


  1. You're going to do great! I hope your IT band gives you a break.

    I am planning on three 5-10K running days and a weekend bridge run. Fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. This run is for them. They are going to do great!! I'm looking at it as a training run for me. :)

  2. Way to go on that hill! I'm not too fond of hills myself. :) How long of a race is this?

    1. The Bedlam run is a 10k, the longest run I've done since April, I think. :)