Friday, June 14, 2013

This and That, the Friday edition

Hey y'all!!  TGIF!!

You might have noticed that I took yesterday off from blogging. What really happened is that I didn't have a post prepared and I woke up late for work. I had to hurry to get to work on time because I had an early staff meeting. I thought I would blog later from work, but just didn't have time. :/
It's just so hard to fit it all in sometimes! That's why I was doing my workout at 10 pm last night!!

I gotta hurry this morning too because we've got another early staff meeting......UGH! 

At least today is Friday!!  I don't think I could make it another day at work this week!!
As you know, I took a couple of days off last week to recharge my batteries. It was wonderful and I was feeling refreshed when I went to work on Monday. At some point Monday afternoon, all the frustration and ugliness that I needed a break from crashed down on me. I encountered an angry family member that I just could not appease. He was hostile, angry and defensive. He got even angrier when I wouldn't allow him to verbally abuse me and reported me to the CEO of the hospital. So, needless to say, my Monday and Tuesday were pure HELL!!  I take things like this very personally. Yesterday was finally better, but it was busy!! 

I'm so glad that I've had my running and cross training to keep me sane!! Its been hot here so our runs have been more challenging! We decreased our pace and lengthened our walk interval to keep everyone safe. And the group has done well despite some increased grumbling. I can't say that I blame them. I don't enjoy it either but I have to pretend that I do ;-)  I've been doing my Insanity workouts after I get home from running. I'm enjoying that sweatfest!! My diet is still craptastic so I'm not seeing the results that I'm wanting but I feel good after I complete one of those workouts so that's what matters right now.

We're taking the weekend off from our usual hustle and bustle to take the boat to the lake for Father's Day. I'm super excited!!  I love lake weekends!!  There is something so relaxing about floating on the water. The sunsets are always prettier too!! 

Ok, so that's all I got for now! Gotta go get ready so I can get to work on time. I hope that you all have a fantastic Friday and weekend!!  Be fabulous today!!

How do you balance everything in your life??
How are you celebrating Father's day with your dad or husband??

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  1. That's so cool that you have a running group, even if it is super hot. And with Insanity, sometimes the real results don't start showing up until month 2, so just keep doing what you're doing and don't get too concerned with it just yet. ❤

    And we are spending the weekend in Indianapolis for my son's climbing comp. Driving down the interstate as we speak! (Well, hubby is driving, I'm riding.) :)