Thursday, June 6, 2013

You Might Need a Vacation

Good morning folks!!  It sure felt good to sleep late this morning!

Today, I'm doing something that I rarely do.....I'm taking a vacation day!! Well, 2 actually!!
I love my job as a nurse and a case manager. Usually, it is very rewarding but there are times when it can be very stressful. Why is it so difficult to do the right thing sometimes??  I'm usually pretty calm, cool and collected but there are occasions when I can't keep it all together. That's where I was earlier this week. I told my boss I needed a couple of days off because I was going to have a meltdown and she graciously gave me today and tomorrow. :-) I'm going to take some time to pamper me!!  I'm getting my hair done, having a sports massage, and am looking forward to some retail therapy!! 

Most of us strive to stay healthy physically by eating right and working out. But often we neglect our mental well being. Americans get fewer days off than most other countries. Many of us have an aversion to using our vacation time. We just feel too guilty about taking days off. We think our workplace will shut down if we’re not there to pull our weight. Others get a similar vibe (either real or perceived) from their managers or co-workers. Personally, this is true for me and I like to have a bunch of PTO hours in the bank "in case of emergency" because you never know what will happen.

The truth is, this isn't very healthy! It's really pretty irrational. Our mental well being is just as important as our physical health yet we often neglect it. And if you think that others won't notice that you're starting to get burned out, just see how many co-workers or friends ask "are you ok" or comment that "you look tired"  Signs that you might need a vacation include:

  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Memory loss
  • Eye strain (from staring at a computer screen for a long stretch)
  • Dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep

  • If neglected, too much stress or overwork without time off can lead to more serious health problems in the future. While it’s admirable to plow through the mountain of work on your desk day in and day out, if you have any of the above symptoms, you have to ask yourself if risking your health for the sake of your job is really worth it. So, finish up your current projects, tell the boss you'll be unavailable for a few days, and ignore the work phone, email, etc. Do something for you for a change! Chances are your work performance and those who’ve been putting up with your grumpy moods will thank you.

    Yesterday was National Running Day. Its awesome when your boss sends you emails reminding you to go run!! I ran with my Pathways group after work last night. I'm so proud of them!!  They did 3.2 miles in 43 minutes! It was warm and pretty humid and we ran a couple of pretty good hills but they all did an amazing job. They're a fun group to work with and the run was just what I needed to pull me out of my funk! Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa was hosting a group fun run for National Running Day. Those are always fun events! I love my running store!!

    Well, that's really all I've got for now. I hope that you all have a fabulous day!!  Be awesome today!!

    How did you celebrate National Running Day?
    Do you use your vacation time??  What do you enjoy doing on PTO days??

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