Friday, June 7, 2013

5 for Friday

TGIF folks!

Happy National Doughnut Day!!

I'm linking up with Darci @ The Good Life for her 5 on Friday link-up because I think it would be fun way to meet some new bloggers. Make a list of 5 things that you did/like/wanna do/are on your mind/make you happy. Next, grab the code from her button and include it in your post to link back to her page, then go back to her page HERE and link up at the bottom.

1. I needed a mental break from work, so I took a couple of vacation days. Yesterday, I got my hurs did! And today, I'm having a massage and am getting in some much needed retail therapy!!

2. I'm still on the Insanity wagon!!  Woohoo! I'm gonna get a flat stomach or die trying!!  Plus, Shaun T is pretty easy on the eyes.....even if I want to kick his ass 90% of the time!

3. I applied for a transfer to a hospital 16 miles from my home. I love my job and my co-workers, doctors, etc but the thought of not driving 45 miles one way to work is pretty damned appealing to me!

4. Although I've been busting my ass working out, my diet still sucks! I wish I didn't like cookies, cake and chocolate so much!!

5. And, I now have a Keek account thanks to Holly ! I haven't keeked yet, but give me some time, I'm sure I!

Y'all have a fabulous Friday/weekend!  I'm out!


  1. What in the world is keek? Do I need to be keeking?
    I didn't have a donut today but I was so tempted maple bars are my FAVORITE I just hate the way I feel later. Great job on still being on the insanity wagon, I have heard that is so hard!

    1. I haven't really figured the Keek thing out yet. Its just another form of social media that I really don't have time for! I love maple bars too!! And the Insanity is hard but I love it!!

  2. Haha, Shaun T is definitely used to that. Did I mention that he just finally did that program from day 1 to day 60? He now knows why people say they hate him but they love him! :)

    Hope you get the new job! I can see why the long drive would get old after awhile. And thinking I'll take you up on that offer and do the 5 on Friday, while I still have a little bit of Friday left!

    1. He has certainly replace Jillian as my favorite "trainer" I feel like I really get a good workout with his programs