Monday, February 3, 2014

Motivation Monday--Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge and Healthy Treats

Hello, hello!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

Mother Nature thwarted my long run Saturday morning. We were expecting freezing drizzle Friday night. I got up Saturday morning and checked the weather. It was clear at my house. I headed to Tulsa to run with my group. I arrived at Fleet Feet Sports as the marathon and half marathon groups were heading out on their run. I grabbed a map and started to familiarize myself with the route. We headed outside to do our active warm up when 2 people slipped in the parking lot, so they cancelled our run. Yep, that's right.....we never got out of the parking lot!!  And this week doesn't look much better! We're expecting 2 more winter storms with snow, ice, and bitter cold. It looks like I'll be getting my miles done on the dreadmill this week....UGH!!

Yesterday, I was busy meal prepping like a boss!!  I prepared: turkey meatloaf muffins, Southwest chicken breast, ground turkey tacos, ground turkey w/ diced tomatoes and spaghetti squash, roasted sweet potatoes, brown rice, green beans, and mixed vegetables. I also prepared homemade guacamole and corn & black bean salsa for our super bowl snacking. We're set for all week. Bring on the snow storm!!

Today is the first day of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge . Here's how it works:

Here's how it works:...
1. Each day throughout the month there is a new challenge. Conquer the daily challenges and post a picture of yourself doing so on Twitter or Instagram. Tag @LornaJaneActive & @FitApproach along with #mnbchallenge #sweatpink #lornajane
2. At the end of each week, recap your successes on your blog and/or Facebook page. Each blog post equals five bonus entries! Share the blog post on Twitter and tag @LornaJaneActive & @FitApproach.
**In order to win the $1000 shopping spree, you MUST participate in all 21 of the daily photo challenges.

Here's the schedule for the week:
Week One: Move

2/3: Sweat-it-out! -Show us your favorite way to sweat!

2/4: Change it up! - Sweat a new way! Select a workout from and show us your post-sweat session selfie.

2/5: Let's get planking! - Plank for at least five minutes today! You can split the planks up.

2/6: Buddy up! - Workout with a friend today!

2/7: Fave Friday! - Show us your five fitness favorites! Exercises, people, whatever gets you moving and motivated!

*Recap your week in a blog post!

My weekly goals are:

Monday: Run 3-4 miles; Core Commit Challenge
Tuesday: Upper Body Strength Training; Core Commit Challenge
Wednesday: Spin; Core Commit Challenge
Thursday: Run 3-4 miles: Core Commit Challenge
Friday: Core Commit Challenge
Saturday: Run 8-10 miles; Core Commit Challenge

Today is also Motivation Monday and we're talking about Healthy Treats

I try to eat clean at least 80% of the time. But I've got a sweet tooth and am easily tempted by candy, cookies, etc. . I often refer to cookies as my "gateway drug". While there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat, I find that if I allow myself to indulge in an occasional treat, that it's way too easy to allow myself to do it on a daily basis. I can easily derail all my hard work and efforts. It really is better for me to avoid these tempting treats. What works best for me for afternoon snacks, is fruit. I usually eat an apple with Justin's Maple Almond butter or a handful of nuts. Other healthy treats that I enjoy are:
Carrots/Celery and string cheese
String cheese and grapes
Dried Fruit and nuts
I'm looking forward to linking up and seeing what the rest of the team has to offer today! Feel free to join us!

What are your favorite healthy treats?
What is your favorite way to get your sweat on??


  1. Great goals for this week!

    I love the dried fruit and nut combo. Oatmeal is my favorite healthy treat I suppose... or "healthy" cookies :) Running is my favorite exercise of all, but I mix it up with CrossFit circuits.

    1. HI Amy. Thanks for stopping by!! Good job on the crossfit circuits.

  2. A couple years ago my hubby was going snowmobiling with his work. I was a bit worried as there have been some bad snowmobile accidents to people close to me in my life. Hubby didn't make it out of the parking lot that day either. Slipped on the ice and got a nasty cut over his eyebrow. He felt bad calling and saying he was at the ER (as I was on edge) but it could have been much worse. It's better to be safe than sorry I guess. I personally don't mind the treadmill at all ... I prefer it to the outdoors (with all the weather, traffic, dogs, etc.) so rain or shine, sun or snow, I have NO excuses at all!

    My healthy treats are pretty basic too ...

    1. Oh no! Sounds like the snowmobiling wasn't meant to be that day. I'm sure you were ultimately relieved :-) Basic snacks or treats work well for me. I have to have things that are easily portable.

  3. This winter has been brutal for runners! Hang in there ;)

    1. I don't like winter in any way, shape or form. It has been difficult to get my miles in. Frustrating to say the least. UGH!

  4. yay for meal prepping! I just made chicken salad, spaghetti squash and lean ground pork/sauce an egg scramble with veggies and healthy pancakes.

    1. HI Stephanie. Thanks for stopping by. I try to meal prep every week. It helps keep me on track. "Failing to plan is planning to fail" in my opinion :-)

  5. I've got to research way to train for running with bursitis. I can do Zumba and other things but running and I are not friends. Which totally sucks because it's so good for you! My healthy treat this week was using yogurt instead of mayo in deviled eggs so I feel awful now after reading your post! LOL *goes to nibble on some carrots*

    1. Running is good but it's good to mix it up with other things as well, like Zumba. I wish I could zumba but I'm too uncoordinated and it hurts my knees. Hmmm......carrots sound good :-)