Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Motivation

Hello, hello!!  Happy Monday!!

I hope that you all had a great weekend!! We did!!

Saturday morning, I couldn't run with my Pathways group so I opted to run on the river in Tulsa. It was supposed to get up to 40, so I was pretty excited!!  I was planning to run 10 miles. It was cloudy and cold when I started. I warmed up fairly quickly but I had forgotten my buff. The trails were clear and all was going pretty well. The bridge at Southwest Blvd was snow/ice packed, so I had to walk that, but it cleared up as I hit the trail to the west bank. As I approached the amphitheater, I realized that I was going to need a bathroom break. Fortunately, my husband was waiting for me with water. I turned the corner by the amphitheater and noticed a big bird fly in and land in a tree about 50 yards from me. It was an eagle!!  It was so cool to see this majestic bird this close!

 I took a few pics then hubs took me to the QT down the street for the bathroom. After the pit stop, I went east over the 21st bridge. It was pretty snow packed and icy. I stuck to the outside edge and didn't have any slipping problems. The walkway down to the trail was slick, so I walked that part but once again, the trail was clear. I headed south toward 41st, where hubs was waiting for me. It was SO cold and the air was hurting my face!!  I had broken out the hand warmers by now and my right heel was hurting. I got to where hubs was just as my Garmin hit 7 miles. I decided that would be enough and called it quits. We met my friend Sarah for lunch at Jason's deli then headed home to warm up. The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent in pajamas!!  We wrapped up the Breaking Bad series on DVD. Yesterday, I grocery shopped and food prepped. I made a big batch of chili and homemade minestrone soup for the Move, Nourish Believe Meatless Monday. We also watched Escape Plan and Captain Phillips on DVD from the Redbox. Both were pretty good movies. I also got a little retail therapy yesterday. I went to JCP to return some things and they were having a pretty good clearance sale. I got a couple of workout capris for $14.39 and 10.38 plus I got a quarter zip pull over for $10.38!

Pathways is supposed to run 3 miles tonight but the arctic temps/wind chills have forced us to cancel our outdoor activities lately. It is still bitter cold today, so I'm anticipating an indoor workout tonight but we'll see. I'm also hoping to start a new bootcamp workout this week because I'm struggling to stay on the bandwagon all by myself. I'm thinking a group activity might help with that.

My Motivation Monday team has Healthy Valentine's Day Dinner ideas for you today. I'm running short of time, so I will have to post mine later. But feel free to link up with us and hop around to see what they've got for you.

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Hi, i'm visiting from the Monday link up! Looks like you are still getting your workouts in even in the cold! That's great! I'm having trouble getting outside in this cold!

    1. HI. Thanks for stopping by. I'm TRYING to get my workouts in but it is so difficult. The cold makes me want to stay in my pajamas under a warm blanket all day. Hang in there, this too shall least that's what I'm telling myself. :-)

  2. Oooh awesome linkup that I could definitely get lost in! What a beautiful eagle! I wish I took more pictures when I'm out on a run.

    1. It was such an amazing sight, I couldn't help but take s picture. They winter on the Arkansas river here. I drive by it daily on my way to work, so I see them often but never this close.