Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pre Turkey Day

Happy pre Turkey Day y'all!

I was hoping to get this out earlier, but it's been a rather busy day today!

Monday, I was still tired from the half marathon and my throat was sore, so I took the night off. Instead of running, I foam rolled my tight, aching calves and my left quad. I needed to get done miles in this week though, so I went for a little recovery run last night. It was cold and I forgot my buff. I've also decided that I need some new running gloves. Neither pair that I've got keep my hands warm enough. I've asked Santa for some North Face ones :-D I was in Stillwater, so I was going to do a loop around Boomer lake, but quickly changed that to and out and back when I encountered a skunk on the trail! I'm glad I saw him before he saw me! Whew! Getting skunked could sure ruin a run!

I'm planning to get a few miles in tomorrow morning. I don't like to run at my house. It's hilly (I didn't want to do hills tomorrow) and I have to run on the shoulder of a busy highway. I only do it as an extreme last resort. After that's done, we're heading to Iowa to see our grandbabies. I'll do my long run there on Saturday and it will be flat. It will also be cold. :-( I'm already tired of cold weather running.

Alrighty then, I'm going to wrap things up here and hopefully head home soon. Have a fabulous weekend!

Gobble gobble!

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