Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts/Tag, You're it!

Good morning friends!! We're almost there!!
I've been watching the weekend weather forecasts very closely and I'm not liking it AT ALL!!  I keep telling myself that it will change. And, it has been......for the worse! Oh well, not much I can do about it, so I will control what I can control.
I wanted to get in a few more miles before the Route 66 half. The weather is going to take a major dump starting today, so I opted to run alone after work last night. I got in 3 miles a little faster than I'm used to. It was not a bad run at all. I was a little worried about running alone in downtown Tulsa after dark. I didn't have any major problems but I think some folks need a refresher that the pedestrian in the cross walk has the right of way!!
 My friend Bobbie Sue from A Building We Shall Go tagged me in a little game of blogger tag. So, I'm being a good sport and playing along: 
Favorite flower?  I'm not really a flower kinda girl. I think that they are frivolous because they don't last long. I do like flowers though and yellow tulips are probably my favorite. They are so simple and cheerful!
Organized space in your home? I could use a little help here! Actually, my kitchen probably because I know where all my "tools" are. I feel sorry for hubs when he unloads the dishwasher. I never know what I will find where!

What book have you read recently that really moved you? Does Runner's World magazine count?

What dish are you most looking forward to at Thanksgiving Dinner? Turkey and mashed gravy or stuffing for me this year though since I've given up gluten
How do you take your coffee?  With lots of flavored creamer! My current favorite is salted caramel mocha from International Delights
What do you miss most about high school? Not much actually except for my friend Dena and high school marching band
Most memorable concert? Rolling Stones at Memorial Stadium in 1997, Rolling Stones at The Myriad in OKC in 1999, Whitney Houston at The Myriad in OKC 1987, and One Republic with Rob Thomas at the Ford Center in 2009
Dots or Stripes? Both actually
How do you unwind before bed? Hot bath and/or foot rub. I also like to read before bed....puts me to sleep quickly!
And there you have it!! Thanks Rancher Girl, that was fun!  I'm tagging:
Christy from My Dirt Road Anthem
Mel from 4Kottez
Melissa from My Life As a Folz
Beth from Running of the Mouse
Thursday out!


  1. Thanks for the tag! Fun to learn more about you, I don't miss much about high school either except my best friends living so close

  2. The weather for the weekend doesn't look good out my way either. Yuck. But I don't have a race coming up, so it's not such a big deal