Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Workout Wednesday #21

Good morning friends!! 

It's Wednesday which means 2 things:

1--we're halfway through the work week

2--it's Workout Wednesday. We'll get to that in just a little bit.

Things are a little tense at my house right now. My husband has a torn meniscus in his right knee. We went to see the ortho the other night and it will require surgery to repair just as I had suspected. They called him yesterday to schedule the surgery and they can't do it until the end of December. I'm not especially happy about that, but neither is hubs. He's having trouble dealing with being side lined. He is jealous that I'm still able to run and work out and he is taking it out on me! WTH?! I completely understand the frustration of a debilitating injury like this. I tried very hard to express to him that this is a small thing in the grand scheme. That it is not life threatening and that it too shall pass. I'm not sure that I got through to him. He is depressed and feeling "worthless" I guess I will keep trying to reassure him. And, I'm calling the surgeon's office today to see if we can get in any sooner! Fingers crossed!!

When I decided to do the Little Rock marathon, I knew that it was an early one. It is the first weekend in March. That gives me about 4 months to prepare. I think that should be enough time to prepare for a marathon. I'll include my training for the Route 66 half marathon then will begin to build on that in December. My dilemma is that my usual run training program will be off for the month of December. They won't resume training until January. I was planning to do one of Hal Higdon's plans but I think that I need someone to help keep me accountable, so I have decided to hire a running coach! And I'm super excited about it!! I love my Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa training programs, but it will be nice to get another perspective!

And, now I've got a little ab circuit for you. I'm planning to add this on to the end of my Insanity workout tonight


  1. Sorry to hear about your hubby's sideline. I hope he can recover soon.

    Coming from Workout Wednesday.

    1. HI. Thank you and thanks for stopping by. He was initially frustrated, but has come to realize that he can be active ways other than running (sounds like a blog topic), so he is happier now. :-)