Thursday, November 14, 2013

About me

Good morning folks!!

We're almost through this work week.....yay!!

Last night, Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa hosted a Route 66 Marathon "sneak peek" run. We ran 3 miles of the course, past the start line, the finish line and the Center of the Universe detour. It was a fun run and several of my friends were there. After ward we went decided to go out to eat. We went to Jason's Deli where I impressed them all with my salad making skills. I should have taken a picture because it was a pretty epic salad!!

A couple of my Pathways group have been trying to convince me to form a relay team. I told them to find a 4th team member and they did, so now I'm the team captain of "3 Beauties and a Beast" I'm already doing the half marathon, so I will run the first 2 legs and they will split up the last 3 legs. This will be a good way for them to experience the marathon atmosphere without running all of it. I was giving them little tips last night and they said "obviously, this isn't your first rodeo" HA!!

I'm going to the chiropractor today for the foot pain and some other nagging issues that I've been dealing with lately. I'm hoping that he can get me patched up enough for Route 66!!  Ordinarily, I would say "I've just gotta get through this race, then I'll deal with it" but that's a little different now that I've decided to run the Little Rock marathon. All of my friends are starting to talk about spring marathons and I'm starting to get really excited!!  I love racing and my goal is to eventually run a half in all 50 states. I wanted to do it before I turn 50 but I don't think that's realistic. So, I'll get it done when I get it done!!

Apparently there is a game on Facebook where someone gives you a number and you post that many random things about you. I was given the number 15, so here are 15 random things that you always wished you knew about me!! 

1. I have only been running for 2.5 years.

2. I played the clarinet in high school and college band.

3. I have a degree in music.

4. I love to cook, but often don't have enough time to so we often eat popcorn for supper.

5. I can walk on stilts.

6. I read all 3 Fifty Shades of Gray books in about 24 hours

7. My don't really have a favorite color. I'm an equal opportunity color lover!!

8. I used to not eat eggs, but I'm learning to like them.

9. I do not like brussel sprouts!

10. I have an irrational fear of Sasquatch and am convinced that it lurks around my house. I'm certain that I'm going to run into it someday when I take my little dog out to potty.

11. I am OCD about the way my towels are folded and will often refold them when hubs does laundry.

12. I currently have 14 pairs of tennis shoes. 3 years ago, I only had 1 pair.

13. I hate folding laundry! My tech shirts, shorts, running and workout clothes often remain in the basket for extended periods of time!

14. I'm a candle hoarder. And maybe a book and yarn hoarder too!

15. Even in this technical, digital era, I still prefer a good, old fashioned book versus an e-book. I love the satisfaction of turning the pages!!

And there you have it! 15 random facts about me, probably more than you ever wanted to!!

Ok, I've got to bail. I have a nursing student shadowing me today, so I need to make a good impression, I guess!!

Take care and have a fantastic Thursday!!