Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be Kinder Than Necessary

Good morning y'all.

This morning, I'm grateful for all of my friends and blessings. I can't stop reflecting on all those affected by the storms of the past weekend. Life can change so quickly in just a matter of seconds. We all need to aware of that and mindful of the fact that it could happen to any of us.

I've been so touched by all the out pouring of support for those victims. It reallys renews my faith in humanity.

We're all so busy in our daily lives that it often takes a tragedy like this to make us stop what we're doing and focus on others. I firmly believe that we are meant to be more mindful of the needs of others, rather than our own. I see people on a daily basis stuggling with health issues who need help with resources. Many of them are grateful for the help that is available to them. But, there are many who don't seem to be appreciative. It saddens me to see such selfishness.  But, the fact of the matter is that is what has become of our society.

I think that the world would be a better place if we were all more sensitive to the needs of others. The only way I know to do that is to lead by example. Recently, a friend of mine challenged herself to practice a random act of kindness every day for 7 days. I think that is an excellent idea and I think that I will challenge myself to do the same.

It appears that today is going to be a beautiful day. We need that here in Oklahoma. There is just something about a sunrise that instills a sense of hope in us. It gives us faith that no matter how dark the night was, there is always light. As my good friend Marty said "a sunset in one place is always a sunrise somewhere else"

Get up, get out and make it a beautiful day!!  :-)

Have you ever performed a random act of kindness??

Has you ever been the recipient of a random act??


  1. When my husband was deployed and my five kid where ages 8-1 I had a group of waitresses pay for my meal at the Village Inn.. It was sooo amazing!