Friday, May 3, 2013

TGIF April recap and May goals

TGIF folks!

Happy pre-Cinco de Mayo!  I sense some margaritas and guacamole in my future!

And Happy "Iron Man 3 Day"!

OK, so maybe that last one isn't official, but I think Robert Downey Jr is a reason to celebrate :-)

April was a pretty good month fitness-wise. Nutritionally, it was "meh"

I started a sugar detox on April 1. My goals were to get my diet back on track, cut out processed foods and decrease my sugar intake. The first couple of weeks went pretty well, actually. Then somewhere around the middle of the month, I fell off the wagon, yet again. Only this time, I didn't fall, I swan dived right off the sucker!! There were a couple of times when I ate processed flours/bread products and my stomach quickly reminded me that wasn't a good idea! I have pretty much steered clear of breads, pastas, etc for the most part and feel 100% better.

I was actually better with my fitness goals than I thought I would be. My goal was to incorporate cross training on my non running days, so I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred on April 1. And I was quickly reminded why I'm not successful with a fitness regimen on my own. I get bored with it easily. I definitely consistent if I workout with a group. So, I tried to keep it fresh by mixing it up with other Jillian Michaels workouts such as Ripped in 30 and Hard Body. Then, my favorite running store, Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa, came to the rescue when they started offering Urban Fit classes. Its a boot camp style group workout designed to increase core strength and endurance. It is a perfect fit for me, so I didn't remain faithful to Jillian, but I did meet my fitness goals of cross training on non-running days. I also successfully ran the Aquarium 10k, the Camp Barnabas Half Marathon, and a leg of the OKC Memorial Marathon relay, so I met my running goals as well.

My nutrition goals for May will be a continuation of my April goals, to limit my processed and added sugar intake. My Pathways training program starts back up on Monday, May 6 so I will be running Monday, Wednesday and Saturday with Urban Fit classes on Tuesday and Thursday. The only race I have on my schedule currently is the Cinco de Mayo 5k in Tulsa tonight. I'm thinking about running the Joplin Memorial Half Marathon in 2 weeks but the Full Moon 5k in Tulsa is that night. Its always a fun run!!  Its an evening run and the weather is typically cool; the course is flat and fast! Plus they always have great post race activities. This year, they have a Van Halen cover band!! Decisions, decisions!

Y'all have a great Friday/weekend!!

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend??

Will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Will you go see Iron Man 3??

What are your May fitness/nutrition goals?

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  1. Nope prb won't celebrate that one.. No major plans I'm hoping to tackle some running this morning. Happy weekend to you!