Thursday, August 15, 2013

I was insane

Good morning folks!!

As most of you know, I recently did the Insanity workout. I've seen the infomercials on TV for years and have been curious about it.  2 of the doctors I work with completed the program and challenged me to try it.  So I did. 

I started at the end of May. I really enjoyed the first month. It was challenging but I didn't feel like it was too difficult. The workouts were about 40 minutes in length. They started with about a 10 minute warm-up and a 5 minute stretch. The actual workout part was about 25-30 minutes. The exercises consisted of plyometrics, cardio, and body weighted exercises with focus on core strengthening. The recovery stretches were very good and focused on balance.

After month 1, there is a recovery week which focuses on core strength and balance.

Month 2 was an entirely different story. The workouts were all about an hour in length. After the warm-up and stretch, there were about 45 minutes left for the workout. I'm not sure why, but that seemed like an eternity to me. The exercises were markedly more difficult. I felt very discouraged and definitely did not look forward to doing the workouts. They just seemed more inconvenient and tedious. So, consequently, I did not actually complete the workout. I completed about 6 weeks of the workout but that was really all I could muster.

I didn't see any outward results in my weight or body either. I think there are multiple reasons for this, primarily my diet. I didn't follow the meal plan. Secondly, I'm at a point where I want body sculpting. I want to build muscle and have definition. I'm at a point where I need to focus more on weight lifting vs cardio.

However, I did have results. My endurance and stamina has definitely increased. I feel like my core strength, flexibility and balance are all very much improved!

The bottom line here is I enjoyed it and I would do it again.

I have moved on to the newest Beachbody workout program, Focus T25. I'm enjoying it so far. The workouts are all 25 minutes in length. They are a mix of cardio and body weighted exercises. I find that it is much easier to find 25 minutes to workout each day. And I'll have time to incorporate more weight training so that I can build more muscle.

Have you done Insanity or any other Beachbody workouts??

What workouts are you currently doing??


  1. I haven't ever done Insanity or any workouts like that.

    Right now, I'm running and doing the JM Power Yoga dvd on my off days. Starting next week, I'm adding a day of bootcamp into the routine.

  2. I haven't done any Beachbody workouts, I am not a huge fan of workout DVDs, I like to write a workout down and do it and not follow someone else, they tend to bore me after about three times. I guess I just like a lot of variety!

    1. I feel like such an idiot working out by myself. A workout dvd gives me a guide to follow and sense of being in a class. I have so many that I have lots of

  3. Theresa,
    I am currently doing T-25, too. I am in a 10 week challenge group right now. We are on week 4 starting tomorrow. I really like this program. I also have Turbo Fire from BB but I am liking the 25 minute thing better for now. Also, I use Cathe Friedrich workouts a lot - I have been using her dvd's since 2006. Her workouts are longer but she offers lots of premixes on the dvd's that make them shorter - like 29 - 40 minutes instead of 55 or 60. I am looking forward to getting her latest dvd's soon as I preordered them a while ago.

    1. I enjoy the 25 mnute workout too. It's not hard to find the time or motivation and you can stack it with other workouts for maximum benefit. I'm going to try to add in Insanity strength training or P90X 2-3 times/week