Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Working for the weekend

Hello, hello!! 

It's already Wednesday and we're halfway there!!  Woohoo!!

In case y'all can't tell, my favorite part of the week is the weekend. Every week, I feel like I'm trudging in quicksand. As the weekend gets closer, I trudge a little bit faster!!

Don't get me wrong, I like my job. I just like weekends more!!  :-)

Last night was speedwork @ the track night. It's quite an adeventure that I can't even really begin to explain. We were grouped based on our pace and given our instructions. We were running a "ladder workout" which consisted of:

1600m x 1
1200m x 1
800m x 1
600m x 1
400m x 1
200m walk/cool down between each set

We ended up running a total of 4.1 miles in 46:19 which is an average of 11:18/mile.
I really can't tell you what the splits were as I can't get my Garmin to upload any information. I'm not sure what's up with that but it is very frustrating!!  I'm hoping the charging cable has gone haywire and not the watch itself. I plan to call Garmin support later to investigate.

Afterward, a few of us went out to eat dinner. We asked Heather, a new girl that we met, to tag along with us and she was game!  She's a transplant from Texas and new to Tulsa. We were talking about Mexican food. She said she hadn't found any "good" Mexican food in Tulsa yet. So, we invited her to El Guapo. Tuesday night is dollar taco night. They sell their pulled pork street tacos, as many as you can eat for $1 each!!  Yummo and cheap dinner!!  It was really a lot of fun and just another reason I love my local running community!

We're having a potluck at lunch today for Social Work Month. That should be enjoyable. I really like my co-workers. And I think my boss is trying to keep us positive due to the recent layoff of one of our colleagues. 

I'm going to start meal/menu planning for next week as soon as I get my eMeals menu for the week. And that's all I've got planned so far for the day.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!  :-)

Do you do any type of speedwork?
How do you keep track of your splits/time?

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