Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Work and such

Yesterday was a somber day. During an early morning meeting, we were advised that one of our fellow case managers was laid off last week. This news really shook me up all day. It brought back some bad memories. In 2008, I was laid off from a job that I dearly loved. Being an RN, I was able to recover relatively easily. But, to this day,  I think I still have a little PTSD from the whole situation.  Being slapped in the face with the realization that it could happen to any of us and that I really don't have as much security as I thought I did just made me physically sick all day. I guess I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing but I'm certainly going to be more mindful of my performance from now on. I hate having to look over my shoulder and not being able to trust!!

I went to the new gym after work but I really wasn't in the frame of mind to workout. It was big and over-whelming. The weight room, that I was most interested in, was predominantly full of men and didn't smell very good. I thanked them for the tour but opted not to stay for body pump or spin class. I guess I'll keep looking for another gym that suits me a little better. And perhaps, I would have been more open minded about it if work hadn't been so crap-tastic!!

I enjoyed the finale of The Biggest Loser. That was really close!! The contestants really worked hard and they all looked fabulous!!  Afterward, we watched "Bates Hotel" on A&E. It was good but a little creepy. I think I"ll enjoy it though.

I'm excited to get to try out these bad boys tonight! :-)

"If you give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world"

I'm sure hoping that's true!


  1. Awesome new kicks. Enjoy them in good health!

    Stopping by from Kimmy's blog!