Monday, March 25, 2013

A recap and an obscure running tip

Hi all!!  Happy Monday, especially since it's half over already!!

I'm a little behind today!!

The weekend was a whirlwind, as usual!

We started our Saturday morning out with our long run. The group was running 12 miles, but we had to cut it short as we had family plans later in the day.

It was cold and drizzling but I was excited to get in the miles as we were taking a new route. I really enjoyed the first 5 miles of our run with our training group. The last 5 miles, on our own without the group, not so much! I was just glad to get them done!!  The drizzle seemed heavier, my IT band was being irritable and I always run better when I'm with our coaches and group.

After the run, we got some hot coffee and hot showers and headed to Oklahoma City to spend the day with my family. We were celebrating my niece's 2nd birthday. As usual, my sister in law put on a fabulous party! I always enjoy time spent with my family. We haven't had a good opportunity to visit with my brother and sister in law since Thanksgiving, so we stayed after all the other guests were gone. I enjoyed some time playing with my niece. We finally wrapped up the visit and headed for home around 8:30.

Before we left my brother's house, I was starting to feel under the weather, which I'm sure was from being out in the cold rain. Yesterday, I was still feeling kinda crummy so we did our grocery shopping but I didn't do my usual meal planning/prep for the week.

My training plans for the week include: vinyasa yoga, speed/track work tomorrow night and a 7 mile run on Saturday. I really wish I could find a Body Pump or weight training class that fits into my schedule. Until I do, I guess I'll have to continue to try to cross train on my own, even though I'm not very diligent about it.

My profound running tip of the day is: always unlace your shoes properly before you take them off. Taking off your shoes without untying them can destroy the integrity of the shoe by breaking down the heel cup.

And, with that little nugget, I'm outta here.  Have a fabulous rest of the day!!

Do you enjoy running alone our with a group?

Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?

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