Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Workout Wednesday #24

Good morning folks!! 

We're halfway there!!

Yesterday was the last nice day that we're going to see here in Oklahoma for a while. The forecast for the next week includes sleet, freezing rain, snow, winter precip, and single digit temperatures....ugh!! I really, really dislike winter!!  My friend Rozdi and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful evening and went for a little run. I was scheduled to run for an hour. She couldn't meet until 5:30 so I did a warm up mile and got in about 11 minutes before she got there. Together, we did 4 miles. We did a little loop around downtown Tulsa including the lights at Guthrie Green and Winterfest at the BOK center. We encountered some urban wildlife too!!  A stray cat startled us at one point on the run then we saw a little critter that looked kind of like a squirrel but it was dark in color and the tail was shorter. I tried to get a picture of it, but couldn't get a good one. I think it might have been a chipmunk.

Well, I have to be honest here and fess up that I haven't been very good about cross training for the last month. :/ I'm feeling like a busted can of biscuits here!!  I'm doing better about cleaning up my diet (except for that cake that Johnny brought me yesterday and the Mexican food that hubs and I had last night--hey, I'm not perfect!) Well, it all ends today!!  I've got to get back on track with my cross training. I'll be doing a core fitness workout when I get home from work (after my hair appointment) and I'll be finishing it with this little ab finisher:

25 v-ups
30 second plank
25 flutter kicks
30 Russian twists
25 bicycle crunches
30 reverse crunches
(2-3 reps)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

What workouts are you doing lately??


  1. I really need to start doing strength training and/or yoga again...

  2. I have been doing old old Bodyrock workouts from when Zuzanna was still the host.