Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday RunChat Hunt #runchat #runchathunt @therunchat

Good morning folks! TGIF

This has been a tough week for me. I had the best training plan laid out but I haven't been feeling well at all!!  Consequently, my training plans have gotten off track. I was scheduled to do a 1:15 endurance run last night. After work, I was on my way to meet my running buddies when I realized that I had forgotten my running shoes. I live 40 miles from where my friends and I were going to run. The only choice I had was to come home to get them. But then I would have to run alone and the only place I have to run at my home is on the shoulder of a busy highway. I am not comfortable with that option on a good day, much less after dark. I could have driven to Stillwater to run around the lake there but once I got home, I realized just how tired I was. I sat down for a few minutes and was asleep before I even knew what happened. I guess I will try to hit the treadmill at work today. That option stinks because my gym has a 30 minute time limit on the treadmills. Hopefully, there won't be a big rush and I can get my run done on my lunch break. I'm supposed to do 10 miles in the morning but the weather is looking dicey again this weekend. They are predicting freezing rain, sleet and snow for Saturday morning. I guess I will just have to wait and see what the morning brings.

I follow #runchat on Twitter and Facebook. I was curious when they started talking about the #runchathunt. Well, it's like a running scavenger hunt!!  I had to participate! I loved scavenger hunts when I was young and this one has some pretty sweet prizes! The items that I had to look for were:
Mile marker, Inflatable decorations, Snowman, Cows
Railroad crossing, train tracks
Local coffee shop
Runner I don't know, Body of water, porta potty, snowman, Historic marker

Santa Hat

There's still time to participate. Here are the details:

There are a variety of ways to take a photo and Tweet your findings:
  • Post straight to Twitter from whatever app you have on your phone.
  • Post photos to Instagram and tag @therunchat. Be sure your photo also posts to Twitter with the tag #RunChatHunt.
  • Create a Vine or Instagram video and also post to Twitter (this is a bonus 11th entry).
  • All of the above must include #RunChatHunt to be eligible.
  • You can get a bonus 12th entry if you have a blog and share your experience there. Tweet your blog entry using the #RunChatHunt tag.
Each tweet is considered one entry to #RunChatHunt for the following prizes:
The Holiday-to-Holiday #RunChatHunt begins at 5 a.m. ET Thursday, Nov. 28 and ends at 9 a.m. ET Thursday, Dec. 26. Please visit our rules page for more information.

Alrighty, time to head to work! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I had seen the #runchathunt hash tag and I was wondering what it was for. I just might have to try to get it done in time. Thanks.

  2. Nice job getting it all done! I never see snow here so the only snowmen we have are inflatable :) Great pictures, hope you win a prize! (Just not the one I want, hee hee hee)

    1. We've had more snow than I care to deal with! I'm not expecting to win a prize, but it would be fun if I did!!