Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Workout Wednesday #26 MYRTL Routine

Good morning folks!!

Happy Wednesday aka "the second best day of the week"! We're halfway there!!

My co-workers and I bought lottery tickets yesterday, but alas! I'm up and getting ready for work this morning as we were unfortunately not winners :(

Last night, I met a couple of ladies at Riverside for my 1 hour endurance run. I wasn't really feeling well and my legs were tired/hurting so it wasn't really my best effort, but I did the best I could and I got 5 miles done in 58 minutes. Afterward, I foam rolled my left hip and leg while watching the finale of "The Voice"

This morning, my leg is still sore. I've really been a lazy bum lately and have slacked off my cross training. Big mistake, HUGE!!  I can really tell a difference!  Today my coach has me scheduled to do a hip series. I referred to it yesterday in my weekly goals post and was asked what I do, so here's the hip routine I'll be doing later today.  Coach Jay Johnson's MYRTL routine:

1: Clams--8 per leg
2: Lateral leg raise--15 per leg
3: Donkey kick--8per leg
4: Donkey Whips--5 per leg
5: Fire hydrant--8 per leg
6: Knee circle forward--5 per leg
7: Knee circle backward--5 per leg
8: Hurdle trail leg forward--5 per leg
9: Hurdle trail leg backward--5 per leg
10: Lateral leg swing--5 per leg
11: Linear leg swing--10 per leg
12: Linear leg swing bent knee--10 per leg

 If you're more of a visual person, like I am, here's a PDF of the routine for reference as well. I'm sure I'll look silly doing this at the gym, but I'll be glad I did it later when I am running with no pain!!

That's all I've got for now. Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Be awesome today!

What's on your workout schedule today??


  1. This is a great routine, I am going to try it out today! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do this routine after all my runs now as well as when I ran in college. It's a great one and I definitely notice a difference when I don't do it :]

    1. I like that it doesn't take too terribly long and I think I will notice improvement with it

  3. Thank you for the workout routine. Strength training is important to remain injury free and to be a better runner overall. I just want to run and find it hard to motivate myself to do anything else.

    1. I was cross training consistently until last month, then I just fell off the wagon. Gotta get back up there....I can tell a difference!!

  4. That's an awesome routine! I do a lot of those hip exercises but I picked up a few new ones, like donkey whips! My knee is hurting me so I think I'm going to have to rest today.

    1. Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I am "just" starting to workout. I started 5 weeks ago with running and now I am trying to find the right exercises to do with my cardio. Today, I did Plyometrics X from the P90X videos that my husband has. Kicked my tail. I only lasted 30 minutes until my legs were like jello. THIS looks much more doable for my level. ;-) Thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing the workout! I have it printed off and will be trying it after my run this morning.

    1. I feel much better after doing it and will be incorporating it in my post run stretch routine, I think