Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Wrap-up

TGIF y'all! Happy Friday!

We made it to the end of another week.

It's been a pretty good week here,  all things considered.  Last night was the first hill night for  Pathways. Despite a couple of snafus, it was a good run. I'm proud of my group thus far. They are eager and ambitious. That will serve them well over the next 10 weeks.

Tomorrow morning we are  running  a relatively flat  4 mile route.  After that,  we're either going to the lake to make the best of the remaining summer weekends. Or  we're  staying home because I've got some errands I need to run.  I'm torn and undecided.

I've been hitting my macros pretty close this week but  have been slacking on my strength training....oops! I've got to get back at it!  I was worried that I had lost my endurance during my running hiatus.  But,  I think that because of the strength training that I have been doing,  I'm not as far behind as I initially thought.  And for that,  I'm glad.  I am having some of the pain in my lower leg,  heel,  ankle area that I was experiencing with my  Achilles issue.  I'm going to try taping in  the  morning and plan to do  some rolling/stretching or maybe even yoga tonight.  I don't want to be injured again!

Wel,   I've got a lot on my mind,  but I won't bore you with all that today.  We'll save that for next week. Ok,  so  y'all have a super weekend! Same time,  same place next week!

Until next time--get up,  get out,  get moving! Whatever you do today,  be awesome at it!

Your  friend,


What's on your agenda this weekend?
How many miles are you running?

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  1. I finally did my 9 mile long run! Again! Yay!

    We are getting ready for back to school tomorrow, so our weekend was pretty busy getting ready for that. We went to the movies, got ice cream, little man earned his next belt in karate and we enjoyed the end of shark week. Not too bad :)