Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workout Wednesday # 10

Good morning folks!!

I hope that you're having a wonderful week so far!!  We're halfway through this work week and that makes me immensely happy!! :-) We all know that I'm just working for the weekend!!

Quick injury/running update--I posted that I was going to try to run a couple of miles Monday after work. But, I didn't :-( Sorry guys!!  I'm just a little nervous. Plus, the fact that my calves were mysteriously tight and tender over the weekend just exacerbated my apprehension. Knowing that I had an appointment with my chiropractor yesterday, I wanted his opinion before I got out there and hit the pavement. We talked about my tight calves. He said that he thinks my muscles, especially on the right tighten up in my sleep. I don't know why but I think I am going to try to roll my calves and wear compression sleeves/socks to bed for a while to see if that helps. He did ART on the calves and along the shin. He found a tight, painful spot in the front, so I got dry needled :/ The Achilles and peroneal tendons feel so much better so he gave me the go ahead and the reassurance that I needed to get out and get in a few miles!!  The weather is supposed to be fabulous tomorrow and again this weekend, so I'm looking forward to lacing up my shoes!! 

Meanwhile, hubs and I are still doing strength training consistently. I gave him a chest, back, and shoulders workout to do last night while I did the Jillian Michaels One Week Shred. I'm enjoying this workout and I think it would be a great addition to my routine. I think that I will alternate that workouts. That way I would do the strength M W F and the cardio on T and Th. I want to continue the Jamie Eason 30 day program too. I'm really starting to enjoy the strength training.

While we're on the subject of strength training, here's what I have for you today for Workout Wednesday:

Weight Lifting for runners

Best Weightlifting program for runners

I was really excited to find this article and even more excited to learn that strength training could improve my running!! I know that it's important to strengthen non running muscles to help prevent injury. And I know that balance is important in regards to proper form. But I never really correlated balance and weight training but after reading this article, it makes perfect sense. It makes me want to load my bar heavier!! Now, with that being said, just like with running, it's important not to do too much too soon. So, here's some good information regarding weight progression:

  1. Meet the prescribed set and rep goal for the exercise.
  2. Increase the weight being lifted for that exercise by the smallest increment possible.
  3. Meet the set/rep goal again with this new, slightly heavier weight.
  4. Increase the weight being lifted again by the smallest increment possible.
  5. Repeat this process over and over again as often as you are capable of making it happen.
More information about weight progression and weightlifting in general can be found here:

Ok, that's all for now.

Until next time--get up, get out and get moving!!

Your friend,


Do you strength train??


  1. Because of my IT band and hip pain I have been doing more strength training and I am hopeful to continue this into my routine so I am not so prone to injuries next time!

  2. Hang in there! I just got inserts for my shoes to help with my PF, and I am going to try to get back out there on Monday. I'm nervous, too, but I desperately need to get back to it!

    1. I'm a little scared! It's been nearly 4 weeks but I'm going to give it a go this weekend