Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quick Update

Howdy, howdy y'all!

I'm bummed that I missed you all yesterday. Wednesday is my second favorite day of the week and I love to share workout posts with you. I wasn't feeling well yesterday morning. My head hurt badly and my stomach was a little yuck. I decided to go back to bed for a little while. I thought that I would have time to post from work, but it was so incredibly busy that I never got a chance. Sorry!

Hubs and I are doing a 30 day workout. Tuesday night was leg night. I knew we were going to have to make some modifications because of his recent knee surgery. I found it to be a little bit frustrating trying to find just the right substitutions. I didn't really give my workout as much effort as I should have. Wednesday, I usually go to spin and Urban Fit bootcamp, but I cancelled due to feeling poorly. I really felt like my body was trying to tell me I needed to rest. So, I did. Meanwhile, I had more time to study our current workout plan and find what I think will be great modifications for my husband. I'm excited to get this strength training back on track tonight.

Hubs has done very well sticking to his clean eating plan this week. I was worried that he would get hungry and fall off the wagon, but he's doing well, so far.

I haven't tried to run any this week. My heel is feeling pretty good this week. I have an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon. Maybe I'll get some good news and get the green light to run. Now that it's light in the evenings after work and the weather is warming up, I'd like to lace up, hit the pavement and enjoy it. And, there's still about 3 weeks left in this Pathways session. I started it with them and maybe I'll be able to finish with them. I feel like running and coaching is a huge part of my identity. I'm enjoying the opportunity to try new things but I'm really starting to miss running.

Ok, so it's a short and sweet one today.

Until next time, get up, get out, and be awesome today!

Your friend,



  1. Sorry you werent feeling good yesterday, my husband works out with me in the winter and I love it, I think it pushes me so much more but it is a challenge since we work out at home and have limited equipment and there are things he doesnt want to do.

    1. Our living room is being taken over by workout equipment...LOL. He keeps joking about selling the couch to make room for more. At least, I think he's joking....

  2. Lucky you, you have your husband as your workout partner. I wish my husband will join me one day. And I like the quotes at the end of the post. Glad you post that.

    1. I like working out at home because it gives us a chance to spend time together doing something we enjoy.