Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Musings

Good morning folks!

Monday is usually my day to coach Pathways, but I haven't run with them for nearly a month now due to this tendonitis issue I'm having. I'm hoping that I can get back at it before the session ends. I think they did speed work at the track last night. It was a beautiful night for a run, too!!  Since I am allowed to do low impact activities, I went to spin class. After I got home, hubs and I did our core and upper body strength training workout. I think we got in a pretty good calorie burn!! 

I had to wear my sunglasses on the way home from gym. I had almost forgotten what it's like to have sunshine in the evenings like that. And I love it!!  I like daylight savings time (sorry, Christy. I know you don't like it) I love the sunshine and thrive on it. It does my heart and soul good. I might have a touch of seasonal affective disorder. I feel more productive and more motivated on warm, sunny days so I'm definitely happy about the time change and am looking forward to spring/summer.

Tonight, we're scheduled to do lower body. I'm going to have to modify some of the exercises for hubs because of his knee injury. I'm enjoying this program so far and am eager to see where we are in 30 days.

Alrighty, I've got to get ready for work now. I hope that you all have a terrific Tuesday!!  Get up, get out and get moving! Don't forget to be awesome today!! 

What do you think of daylight savings time?

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