Friday, March 14, 2014

5 for Friday

Howdy folks! TGIF

Happy Pi day!!

Personally, I'm ready for the weekend!!  It's been a long, crazy week at work. I went in early yesterday due to my 4 pm appointment at the chiropractor. But I had to cancel that because I was too far behind at work. I didn't leave until 6pm. And I'm almost dreading going in today. I know it's going to be just as busy. But, at least it's Friday!

And, it's "jeans day" too. Yippee!!  It's a fund raiser for the American Heart Association Heart Walk. We had to pay $5 to get a sticker to allow us to wear jeans. I typically wear business casual attire to work and often wear scrubs on "casual Friday". I don't do direct patient care anymore. I'm usually behind the scenes but I do interact with patients and their families, so I try to look professional at all times. I joke about being a happier, more productive employee if I could wear pajamas to work!!  I don't think we've had a jeans day in the 2 years that I've worked there, so I'm taking full advantage of this opportunity!! It really doesn't take much to make me happy. :-)

Since I did a mini weekly recap yesterday, today I'll talk about 5 things that have been on my mind this week. It's a combination of rants and raves and is totally random. So, without further ado.....

1: Thigh gap--In humans, a thigh gap is a gap between the thighs when standing upright with both knees touching.[1] Some women aspire to this for reasons of a perceived increase in attractiveness, with some considering it a sign of femininity and fragility[2] and some go as far as to say it symbolizes "the ideal body shape" according to Wikipedia. What the heck?! When did this become an issue and what's the big deal?! This week, national retailer went as far as photo shopping pictures of one of their bikini models to create a "thigh gap"

 They botched that up pretty badly and have been blasted for it. My concern is that society is fueling a dangerous weight loss goal for young women. What's wrong with being a little curvy? Skinny doesn't = beautiful, strong does!! 

2: "I ran 6 miles last night" Well, good for you! Ordinarily, I would be supportive of my friends and co-workers who run. But since I'm currently unable to, don't be surprised if I throat punch you instead! It's great that you're out enjoying the weather and getting some miles in, but please understand why I'm not really enthusiastic about it right now. Thanks!

3: Addaday Ultra Marble--OMG!!

I splurged on this little gem the other night and am so glad I did. It's my new favorite roller!!  I especially like that I can get in the area around the ankle and Achilles (right where I need it the most) really well! I have lots of other rollers and tools, but this one does large areas as well as those smaller nooks and crannies that some of the others can't get to. Go getcha one of these! I highly recommend it!!

4: Strength training--I'm loving it! We did our upper body chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps workout last night. Tonight is legs. I ran through it once last night for hubs, so he would know what modifications that he needs to make. I think he feels pretty confident about it. I'm eager to see how it goes. He was asleep in his chair when I got home late from work last night. I was afraid that he would say "just skip it" but he got up and got it done. I'm so proud of him!!

5: I'm so thankful for the beautiful weather we've had this past week. It's going to be cool and rainy this weekend, but that's ok. We haven't really had any significant rainfall since last October so I'll welcome all the rain that we can get. I think that it's supposed to be sunny and warm again next week. I'm determined to get out and enjoy it. I need my vitamin D fix!! I'm planning to pack my running clothes on those warm, sunny days. If I can't run, I can at least walk!!

Ok, that's all I've got for now. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!  Be safe!!

Get up, get out and get moving! And don't forget to be awesome today!!

Your friend,


Are you going to run 3.14 miles today??
What is your favorite kind of pie?


  1. I had to laugh cus as I am reading this post I am at the Chiro right now! I won't be running either! I saw Oprah talk about that thigh Gap a few years ago. Do people still obsess over that?

    1. I guess the thigh gap is still a big deal because Target went to great lengths to alter these photos