Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Hello, hello!

Happy "my second favorite day of the week" aka Wednesday! I love Wednesday almost as much as Friday! It means that we're halfway through the work week. And it's the day I share one off my favorite workouts with you.

Today, I'm going to take it a little different direction though. Instead of sharing another workout you, I'm going to talk to you about feelings I've been having recently. In May, I did the 21 Day Fix. Although I loosely followed the meal plan, I was pleased with the results I was seeing from the workouts. Then, Memorial day rolled around. We had 2 weekends at the lake. I did my level best to eat as healthy as possible, but there were some cheats and adult beverages. Plus, I've had quite a bit of stress with my mother in law. Consequently, I've been bloated and my progress has waned. :( I've noticed about a 4 pound weight gain on the scale that I just can't shake. 4 pounds doesn't sound like much, but it is enough to make me feel bloated and my clothes feel tight. I've been about 80 % with my eating plan and 100 % with my workouts but the damn scale isn't moving! I feel so discouraged! I love Instagram but right now I cringe when I log on there. I follow a lot of fitness accounts for inspiration. However, right now I'm finding them very discouraging. I'm asking myself "just because they have perfect, ripped abs why do I have to"

So, this week, I'm doubling up on workouts and sticking to the plan 90% This morning, I noticed a 2 pound change. Yeah, me! And that was after a 5:30 am butt kicking from my trainer! I actually puked after my workout! I'm not used to working out in the morning, I didn't eat and I got way too hot. I felt better as soon as I cooled down. And I felt great because it was a good workout!

So, the point I want to make to you today is don't give up, no matter what. If you have a set back, get back up and keep going. You'll be disappointed with yourself if you quit! Trust the process! Slow progress is still progress! If motivation is the issue, then change things up. Workout with a friend or try a new routine. Whatever it takes to just keep going! 3 months from now, you'll be glad you did!

Until next time--get up, get out, and get moving!

Your friend,


How do you handle a setback?
Do you ever find "motivational" photos/posts/etc discouraging?

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  1. Great message and very similar to my own feelings lately. I also love workout Wednesday!