Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up!

TGIF y'all! I'm feeling pretty much like the little girl in the picture. It's Friday, the weather is beautiful here, and I'm off work early today!

I'm leaving work at noon to drive to my hometown for my sister's baby shower. I'm super excited!

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a few friends for a 3-4 mile run in the morning. After that, hubs and I will be en route to Oklahoma City for the Okc Memorial Marathon. Neither of us is running it, but I'm volunteering at the medical tent. There is severe weather predicted for early Sunday morning. I'm hoping that it won't affect the start of the marathon. They have had to delay it for lightening and hail before.

I've been faithful about cross training this week. Last night, I did a pilates routine and really enjoyed it. I can tell a difference in my energy level. I think I've gotten out of my rut and plan on staying out of it!

Until next time--get up, get out and get moving. Whatever you do today, remember to be awesome!

Your friend,



  1. Good for you! Enjoy your weekend. Weather here looks a little iffy tomorrow, I'm wondering if that will affect the little one's soccer game. It won't impact the five (yes FIVE) basketball games on deck ... I like basketball but, this Spring season is a little too much :)

  2. It sounds like you were busy!! Hope you're safe from the severe weather!