Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shoes, part deaux

I has shoes!!  WOOHOO!!

I've been on the hunt for new running shoes since August. When I started running last spring, I went to the local running store for a gait analysis.  I was told I needed a neutral shoe. I have very high arches and have a tendency to under pronate. I was given several choices and ended up in a Saucony Ride 3.  I never had any issues with pain or injury in these shoes.

Then, I started training for a 10K and ultimately a half marathon in August and I knew I would need some new shoes as my mileage increased.  The Ride 3 was no longer available, it had been "upgraded" to the Ride 4.  So, that it what I bought and never thought twice about it.  Every time I wore those shoes, I had terrible tightness in my calves and ended up with pain in both knees, so we swapped them out for Brooks Ghost 4. These were 1/2 size bigger that I was used to wearing.  I tried desperately to break these shoes in, but there was too much foot movement in them.  So, we tried a Pearl Izumi Syncro Float 4.  I tried these for a run last weekend and regretted it (blister on the big toe)  They were neutral + meaning they provided some stability. Needless to say, it didn't feel natural to run in these shoes.  Back to the store we went!!  Next we tried a pair of Saucony Triumph. I took these out on a test run and wasn't happy with the slippage of my heel in these.  I had some pain in my achilles and my right calf was tight. Needless to say I was very discouraged and about to give up.

The manager of the store sat down with me, listened to me, remeasured my feet and worked with me patiently. Based on his analysis and measurement of my foot, it turns out I was running in shoes that were entirely too big.  So, we tried a few more options. I ended up choosing a New Balance 880.  These are pretty comfortable on my feet.  I have not run in the yet, but I have been wearing them around the house to get used to them and they might just work!!

I also Google searched for Saucony Ride 3 and was fortunate enough to find a pair of these discontinued shoes online. I immediately ordered them and was more than pleased when they arrived.  They had never been taken out of the box, not even to try on!!  So now, hopefully, I will have 2 pair of shoes that will work for me!!

Has anyone else tried the NB 880??

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  1. I have also found that I need different types of socks with different types of shoes. It is a Cinderella syndrome! :-)