Monday, December 26, 2011

Shoe saga

I need a new pair of running shoes.  :(  When I decided that I was going to participate in a 5K training program last spring, my husband took  me to our local running store to get fit tested.  They filmed me running on the treadmill and watched me walk barefoot around the store for a few minutes.  After they analyzed my gait, the went to the back of the store and brought out several pairs of shoes.  I gravitated toward a brand I was familiar with, Saucony.  I put on that pair of Ride 3's and never looked back.  They were perfect!!  I never had any problems with pain with that pair of shoes.

After I completed that training  program, I decided to move up to the 10K program with aspirations of a 15K and a half marathon.  I knew I would need to start looking for some new shoes. So, I went to the local running store again and was informed that Saucony had discontinued my shoe.  But they had the "new and improved" Ride 4.  So, I bought them.  I struggled with them for 2 months; experienced lower leg and knee pain that hadn't been an issue before.  Sure it could have been from the increased distance, but the problems seemed to be better when I wore my old shoes.  So, back to the store I went.  They refitted me, took the Saucony Ride 4 back and sent me home with a snazzy new pair of Brooks Ghost.  I was thrilled!  I loved this shoe but continued to have issues.  So, last week, I took them back to the store.

We started over on the treadmill, I was reanalyzed and sent home with a pair of Pearl Izumi Syncrofloat 4's.  I tried them out on last Saturday's run and regretted it!!  Came home with a blister on my big toe!!  I hate these shoes!! They are neutral with a "little bit" of stability.  They prevent my foot from doing what it has naturally done for 44 years--not good!! They're going back to the store this afternoon!!  Meanwhile, I'm left shoeless, frustrated and disillusioned!!  I want to completely stop running!!  But I know that isn't the answer; I'm just not sure what is.  :/  I am a neutral striker with high arches and I tend to under-pronate.  I need a well cushioned shoe.  WTH is a girl supposed to do when she can't find running shoes??  Advice please!!

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  1. What a pain! I love Brooke's ghost and stick with them, but I now take a size 6 running shoe - I used to be size 5! Could it be the size! Also socks make such a difference. I favour Ron hill socks, great arch support. I too am neutral & high arch. The othe thing is to see physio, it could be you are compensating for something further up the body and it's just showing up in your feet. I had that and an extra stretch sorted me. Good luck! Let s know how you get on! :-)