Friday, July 11, 2014

My week in a Nutshell

Hey  y'all!  Did you think I had forgotten about you?

Nuts pretty much sums up my week.  It's been way busy but productive.  The best part is,  today is Friday!  And you know it's going to be a great day when you get a good parking spot! The parking situation at my work is ridiculous beyond belief.  I've  been trying to arrive early this week so that I could get a good spot.  Yesterday,  I had to park on the top of the parking garage in a thunder storm. Needless to say,  I was soaked despite my umbrella. Today,  I got lucky!

I've be fairly consistent  about clean eating this week.  And I've been 100% compliant with my cross training. Monday,  I ran with friends before work.  I had a gait analysis that afternoon. A lot of the issues I was already aware of were confirmed  but I also found out that I over-supinate when I push off and over-pronate when I land.  1 foot is a fore front  striker  and the other is mid foot.  I have what they call a "shuffling gait"  I have no idea how to fix it but they gave me exercises to do,  of course.  That evening,  I did a chest and triceps workout.

Tuesday,  my Team Beach body Body Beast program arrived.  The first day of that is chest and triceps.  Since I had done that the previous night,  I skipped to  day 2: Build Legs.  Let's just say that I'm almost able to walk normally  today  ☺ Wednesday was  back and biceps, probably my favorite so far.  Yesterday  was Beast Caudio.  I really  didn't like it and will be subbing the 21 Day Fix Cardin oran Insanity workout in the  future.  Today was Build Shoulders.  It was a great routine,  but I was really tired this morning,  so didn't lift as heavy as I should  have.  I'm really eager to continue this routine and see where it goes!

I'm still tracking my macros but still not 100% sure I'm doing it correctly.  I need a little more time to play around with it.  I'll keep you posted on that.

Hubs and I are going to the lake after work tonight,  so I'm looking forward to that  R&R!

That's all I've got for you now.

Until next time--get up,  get out,  and get moving!  Whatever you do today,  be awesome at it!

Your  friend,


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  1. Off week for me this week! UGH! Oh happens. Tomorrow I have 14+ training miles to look forward to and a 6 mile recover run on Sunday that will end in black berries at the farmers market. Back to my regularly scheduled programming next I should have issues walking by Wednesday evening. Hooray for cross training.