Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm back!!

I originally started this blog as a means to communicate w/ friends and family. However, due to Facebook, Skype, etc, I really haven't used this blog for it's intended purpose. I've pondered what to do about this situation and I decided that I would still use it as a means of communication w/ friends and family. But I thought it would be better utilized to talk to them about a topic which I have become very passionate--health and wellness.

A lot of you are already aware of my journey from 180 pounds to 120 pounds a few years ago. Well, last winter, a few of those pounds started to creep back on and I'm not about to go back there again! I already try hard to watch my diet, so the only other answer to get the weight back off was exercise. I started going to aerobics 2 days weekly and really enjoyed it. Then, I started to run! I was immediately hooked!! And as you all know, I've been running/working out pretty regularly.

I'll be sharing my journey with you all. We'll be discussing health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, tips, recipes, etc. We will also encourage and support each other or vent, if needed, as we all pursue our own "health trek".

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